I don't even know where to begin...

Poor Oscar has gone through so much I truly do not know where start. After my last message I was able to meet with the doctor and get a better explanation of what is going on. It was not a conversation I now wish I had. Some of this is going to sound unreal I promise you it is not.

On Friday as I have said he was great. He had played all day and enjoyed every minute of it. Sadly this entire time his body was developing pneumonia at a rapid pace.

During the night in addition to the pneumonia Oscar had a heart attack. Yes a heart attack. The doctor is not sure if the pneumonia and the pressure it was causing on his body caused it or something else. His sugar count was extremely high so that also could have caused it.

During the time of the heart attack no one saw it happen because it was 3 in the morning and he was in a regular room and had no monitoring on him. The heart attack caused a lack of oxygen to his body and during this time his body filled up with fluid. Everywhere. This then in turn caused what is called a "Water Stroke". It is caused by an excessive amount of fluid that gets backed up in the body and has no where to go.

So within one night he had a stroke and a heart attack along with the pneumonia.

Needless to say once he was found he was in critical condition. This carried into the afternoon on Saturday where they were able determine that in fact he had had a heart attack. The doctor said this is not uncommon with kidney transplants. She said that for some patients the body just freaks out. It is uncommon for all the rest to take place at one time.

So, by Saturday afternoon they noticed other complications and officially determined he was in a coma. His body organs were functioning at the most minimum level possible without completely shutting down which made no since to everyone.

Ironically his new kidney is working fine and has been.

So today the doctor had a neurologist take a look at him because of different things they were seeing and that doctor determined that Oscar's brain is severally swollen. Mostly they think due to the lack of oxygen received during the heart attack. Since Saturday they have been pumping heavy drugs in him also to slow down the amount the heart has to pump. This has added to the coma and now they are going to give him 3 days for his brain to reduce swelling.

If his brain goes back to normal on Thursday they will remove the tubes that are providing him with a medicine that is forcing the coma and allow him to function normally on his own. The doctors are very concerned that there has been damage to his brain and in fact it will not be able to maintain the normal pace the body needs.

They can not continue to keep him in the coma and they have to allow his body to do what is suppose to do the doctor said.

Wow, I got all this out without completely having a meltdown. I am oddly at peace tonight. I have not been and the family has not been but I can tell you we all are feeling the prayers of others. I can not tell you how hard this has been and then to hear he could have brain damage now.. it's been a roller coaster ride that we all want to get off of.

There are many praises to come here. First of all the nurse found him in time, a minute more and he would have been gone, second he is now in a room where he has the best treatment they can offer and has a team of doctors working on him, third I have already seen and heard his parents praying hard to the Lord. Their faith is growing rapidly and their trust in God is increasing daily.

I was at the hospital a lot today and let me tell you it is not like anything we in the US have to go through.First of all you can't even go inside and you just sit on a hard concrete bench outside and wait. There are no snack machines and drink machines, nothing. Just you and the outside. It has been really hot here but today and yesterday God allowed a nice breeze to blow all day.

I noticed mom and dad were just plain mentally wore out so this afternoon I remembered I had a deck of cards in my back pack and I pulled them out and taught a easy game to the dad and made a huge stand that he could not beat me. Within minutes a look of a desperate, worn out, heavy hearted man turned into a kid playing a game for the first time. Laughter filled the air and within minutes we had a group watching our every steps and cheering the dad on.

God took a very stressful day and gave this family just a touch of his joy and strength using a deck of cards.

It was such a blessing to see them smile at a time that the enemy would love for them to just sulk in their sorrow. Instead we choose to stand firm and be at peace that God has Oscar in his hands.

As you can read Oscar is in serious shape. He is at least stable for now. The doctor said he just about left us on Saturday and Sunday but every since then he is improving. That sounds like people praying to me.

She finished our conversation with saying that there is no way to tell know what is going on or what will happen. All we can do is pray. I made sure she knew I had the best friends in the world praying hard for him and we expected her to see a miracle happen right before her eyes.

For now we need to pray specifically that:

1. The Pneumonia leaves 2. The swelling in his brain leaves and there is no damage of any sort. 3.  His body which is very tired is strengthen super naturally 4. The medicine they are using will work better than ever before 5. On Thursday they are able to remove the tubes and allow his body to come out of the coma 6. His heart and body has no lasting effects from the heart attack or the stroke. 7. Peace for the parents 8. Dad has to sleep outside on a hard concrete bench, pray for perfect peace, rest, and strength as if he was in the most comfortable bed ever made.

I have decided to go to Somotillo tomorrow since he is stable to check in on my garden families and get fresh supplies and clothes for Oscar's parents. Their niece has been with them to help and she needs to go home to do something also so we will take care of that for them. I will be back in a two days max or 3 hours depending on the need. If his condition changes I will just be a few hours way this time and not in another country.

God has opened many doors for me to share God's word with the dad. He has been praying a lot but I am not sure about his actual commitment to Christ. I am working on how to confirm they are saved. Pray God opens that door.

I will update you more as I have something. We only get to check on him 2 times a day so it might take me a while to get answers.

Thanks again for your prayers. Keep praying, it's working and we together are going to see God's wonderful hand do great and mighty things with this situation.

Praise God for his faithfulness and his power...