Earthquake Information - Prayers Needed

Just in case you have not heard, Nicaragua is experiencing tons of earthquakes. Since Friday alone they have had 19 earthquakes ranging from 2.2 to 6.8. A week before this they had 3 major ones in 24 hours and over 400 report tremors also.

I am happy to say that none of this has affected the region I work in with my ministry, however, it has affected the areas I work in with my job.

1,000's of houses have been hurt or destroyed and hundreds of people have been reported injured.

I leave on Thursday with a team of 46. Please pray that we can minister to those living in fear as well as those who have been affected.

The country has been on red alert for a week now.  Companies are closed as well as schools. Things are suppose to get back to normal this week because in addition to the earthquakes it was Holy Week and things are typically not normal anyway.

The biggest problem people are experiencing is the lack of work. People in this region only make enough money per day to feed their families, with no work there is no money to buy food and this causes a great deal of fear and stress not to mention if they have had any damage from the earthquakes.

Please pray for our team as we prepare to give them an answer to their problems and their fear. Hope in Jesus.

I will be gone from April 24 - May 1st. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

Also, please pray for a lady named Virginia. She lives in my community and was rushed to the hospital yesterday. I am still waiting to hear what is going on.

God Bless,