April 2014 Newsletter

2014 has started off great. I can't wait to see all that the Lord has planned for this year. I traveled to Nicaragua on March 5th with my job, Ambassadors To The Nations. We had a team of 42 people and it was a great time together.  We served together for 7 days and ministered to 1,000's of kids and hundreds of adults.  It is always and awesome time serving the Lord with the teams that come with ATTN.

On the last day we were together my friend Gwen flew in, and along with one of the ATTN team members Aileen, we left and traveled to Somotillo for the next 7 days.

This trip was extremely hot for March but we pressed on and God used us in a mighty way.

Since pictures tell the story better than I do, I have posted my pictures along with the story.

Our first day in my community we had a Women's Meeting. Over 60 women came and we were blessed by them more than we blessed them. To read more and see the pictures click HERE.

Later in the day we had our first Men's Meeting since the 17 men accepted the Lord in December. It was awesome. There were over 65 men there. I still can't believe they all came.  Read More HERE.

We had movie night with the kids again but I don't have any pictures to show you. Unfortunately it's just too dark there to see all the kids. We had 95% of the community show up for the movie. That's the most we have ever had. Glad we bought 12 gallons of ice cream. Love hearing the kids laugh and even the grown ups. Always looking for new movie ideas so let me know if you have one that is in Spanish and is hilarious. They love movie night.

On Saturday and Sunday we had one the coolest times ever in the community. We went to the BEACH.. yes on my mission trips I really suffer.. Read more about our exciting days at the beach. Click HERE.

Most of you know I played sports my entire childhood and most of my adult life so getting me involved in sports in Nicaragua is not hard to do.  I heard that some of my kids had started a baseball team in the community and was playing with no uniforms and a broke bat. Needless to say I could not let that be so I got them a new jersey to use and new bats. I am expecting God to bless me with extra funds to buy them a full uniform and cleats for the future. Got to take care of my future stars.. Check out my cuties HERE..

Sunday afternoon was a very busy day. I was blessed by ATTN to ship boxes with needed supplies to my community. All the kids in Operation Education (109 kids) received new shoes and school supplies. All the kids of the community got a toy gift bag, and a new stuff animal and the women and teen girls received lotions, body sprays and fingernail polish. We included the men also and they all received new t-shirts. It was a busy time handing all the items out butt thanks to having a great team to help in Nicaragua we got it all finished. Lots of great pictures and more details HERE.

Monday was also a great day. It's Orphanage day and we had a blast. The kids got to make something sweet for the directors of the orphanage. It was a nice surprise for them. I love the all the kids there. Gwen did an excellent job with the craft they made. Thanks Gwen. You are such a talented and gifted lady. Check out the surprise HERE.

It was a very long 15 days for me but it was a great trip. We ministered and shared God's love in a way that related to them. I have been working in the community soon to be 6 years. Its awesome to see God changing their lives little by little. Having 65 men show up to a meeting with me was probably the highlight of this trip. Giving out bibles to them topped it all off.

What's coming?

It is my plan to return in August to the community and get the kids prepared for the next Operation Education. If you want to send your kids a letter I hope to be going the first week. I am working out the details now and will keep you posted.

I have many goals for this year and none of those things can be done without support from people like you. Your prayers are very important to me and help me to have the strength to continue the work in Nicaragua. Many lives are being changed. I have a personal relationship with almost every family in this community and I am seeing many come to know Jesus personally. That's the only reason I do what I do.

Testimony Time..

I want to stop and just give God praise for all He has done for me for this trip. Within weeks of this trip I didn't have enough money to meet the ministry needs that I knew I would have. I needed to order bibles but didn't have extra money for those either. I simply reminded God each day that it was not about material things that I wanted to give them and that I would give them the Word of God no matter how much money I had but to please make sure that I had enough to purchase food for them and the Bibles. It's amazing what happens when you ask God for specific things. He always delivers. Thanks to all the people who blessed me for this trip and for future trips. Thanks for being willing to be used by God. I may be the one going to Nicaragua but I could not do what I do without your support.

The money I received before I left went to pay for :

12 Gallons of Ice Cream Food for 60 families Two beds for a needy family T-shirts for the Kids Baseball Team Medicine for a baby Money to pay toward the college tuition of a student from Ceibita Blessed Pastor Arturo for working so hard in the community

Thanks so much for allowing me to serve the Lord. Thanks to all the Operation Education sponsors who bless their kids with letters and money for their families. All your prayers and financial support are truly changing peoples lives for the Kingdom of God.

Prayer Request:

Pray for my family and my health Pray for additional monthly supporters Pray for the men of the community Pray for the women of the community Pray for the kids of the community Pray for wisdom and guidance as I plan the upcoming trip Pray for fundraising opportunities to help my son Logan go to Nicaragua with me. This will be his last trip before college. Pray for people to donate items to my upcoming missions yard sale.

God Bless all of you and thanks again for your prayers.

Angie Honeycutt