Bitter Sweet Feelings

We are home from Nicaragua finally. We didn't get in until 11:00 last night and we were at the airport in Managua at 6:00am which is two hours behind so it felt like 1:00am to us by the time we got home.

A lot happen while we were there so coming home was bitter sweet. We can't wait to see our kids here and hate leaving our girls there. It's really hard on my emotions.

Here's what we found out.

Mi Familia decided to give Isamar to her dad for a visit from July 4 - 21st to see how they will do with each other. I can only hope this back fires on him and Isamar does not turn out to be what he wants and he decides to give her to us.

Ismar's dad does not have 6 other children. He does however live in a horrible neighborhood. She will not have a yard to play in or anything like she has today.

Isamar was interviewed yesterday and still professes that she wants to live with us not with her dad. She was asked if she could have any thing in the world what would it be and she told them to live with us. I can only hope and pray they listen to her.

Please continue to pray that God's will be done in her life. The dad told us that we could have Isamar if she wanted to come when she gets older and make her own decisions which makes no since to me. If he is going to give her up, give her now, not after she has spent years with him. There is no way he can do that if he truly loves her. He is doing this because he wants her to know him and know what kind of person he really is never did he say it was because he loves her and wants to give her a life with him.

Pray for Carmen as she is very sad that her sister might not come with us. This trip she was very clingy with Terry. She would not let him go the whole time we were there. She just keep holding his hand or hugging me. She was very affectionate with both of us much more than normal. They both cried a lot when we left. It was a very emotional visit.

Thanks for your prayers. I will have pictures soon.