Update on our trip

Wow we have had a busy time. This is the first time that I have had to write.

I really need some prayers lifted up.

1. My friend Oscar, the little boy that had kidney problems is in very bad shape. He is in the hospital and we have been told he is dieing. God has healed him already but since his parents were put in jail in December he has not been taken good care of and is now very sick. He is asking for me so I am going to see him on Wednesday.

2. We had a meeting with Mi Familia on Friday and they told us that Isamar´s dad came to visit her. He told Isamar that there is no way he will allow her to come with us. He told Carmen she was the lucky one that she gets to come. That to me is the most crueliest thing you can do. They told us that they are really in a bind because the dad can sue them if they don´t give Isamar to him IF he meets the conditions. Let´s pray he does not. The director of the orphanage is doing a report on how the dad is treating Isamar and Carmen. Hopefully they will see his manipulation.

3. Pray for me, I have lost my voice and my throat is swollen. We still have a village to go to tomorrow and time with the girls. It´s hard not to talk here.

We handed out the soccer equipment and the baseball stuff and it was amazing. They wanted me to have their trophy but I made them keep it to remember what God has done for them.

It has been a very successful trip so far but my heart is hurting thinking that I am not going to see Isamar again after this week. I am doing good but its painful. I trust the Lord and I know that he will do the best for Isamar.

Please pray...


I will update you more as I can but for now we are all doing.