2016 January Newsletter

I pray that the start of the new year has brought great blessings to each of you. 2015 was an awesome year for this ministry and for our family. I can't wait to see what God has in store for 2016. Every year He does more and more than the year before. I stand in awe at the things He has allowed me to be a part of these past years and I look forward to the new opportunities and doors that he will open for us. My trip to Nicaragua this past December was a great trip as usual. We had planned for Terry and I and another friend to go but at the last minute my friend got sick and was not able to attend. Terry and I were able to bless a lot of people along with our team in Nicaragua.

I am planning my spring trip during the week of Easter, March 25-April 2nd. If you are interested in going with us please let me know as soon as possible. I would love to share my families with you.

Here are the different things we covered this trip. Click on the Read more to see the pictures and read about all we got to experience.

2016 Operation Education School Uniform Distribution 

It is always great to see the smiles on my kids faces when they know that they have a sponsor for the new school year and will be blessed with their school uniforms, shoes, backpacks and school supplies. Unfortunately, you won't see those smiles in these pictures. Put a camera in front of them and they rarely smile. I promise you before they can take a step away they are smiling. Crazy kids!!!! Read more here

A Special Bed

Can you imagine 3 adults and 1 child sleeping in a full size bed together every night? I would never get any sleep like that. I have got to have sufficient room to get comfortable. I am so blessed and spoiled.. Read more here

Helping The Sick

In addition to our scheduled items that had to take place we were able to fit in time to visit several homes and bless several families with different items that they were needing. Read more here

My Little Pulperias

Pulperia means little store. Kind of like a small little store you would find on a boardwalk or at a park.

Last year one of the families ask me if I would help them open a store in the community. The nearest store is quite a ways away for the community. We planned to start out with simple things like snacks, chips and soda with the goal to add on new items as the store grew. Read more here

It's Promotion Time

The schools in Nicaragua have graduations just like we do. They call them "Promotions", meaning the child will be promoted to the next level of school, kindergarten to elementary, middle school to high school and high school to college.

This year we had 14 kids all together that were promoted. I was blessed to attend the middle school promotion and saw two of the kids go through the graduation process. The preschool promotion happened before we arrived and the high school one was after we left. Read more here

Playing BINGO!!!

I am always looking for something I can do to get everyone involved and I have found the answer. Its playing BINGO. Read more here

Feeding the lest of these..

The bible tells us in in Matthew 25 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'. These words bring me great comfort every time I visit my community and we bless them with food and other much needed items. Read more here

Every trip I take I see growth in the hearts of the community. I see people who use to never share with others give up precious rice for a family who has none. I can't put words to all the changes I have seen in this community. Those changes are the very reason I keep going back.

I can't thank each of the partners who have sowed into this ministry this past year. I promise I have used every penny as wisely as possible and to the glory of God. With your support many things have been accomplished this past year, I can not say thank you enough.

Many blessings to each of you,




Ps. Let me know if you would like to go with me in March..