Pulperia means little store. Kind of like a small little store you would find on a boardwalk or at a park. Last year one of the families ask me if I would help them open a store in the community. The nearest store is quite a ways away for the community. We planned to start out with simple things like snacks, chips and soda with the goal to add on new items as the store grew.

As of this December the store now is also the same family that runs my chicken farm so the store has evolved to selling chicken at a discounted price to the community and local families.

Terry designed a nice banner for them in hopes to draw more customers. Having the store gives this family an income they have never had and gives families access to chicken at a cheaper price. It's a win win for all of us. The picture of the sign says Varela Store, we sell chicken, cookies, drinks and much more.

Here are pictures of the sign with the owner of the store and my pastor who helps run the chicken farm and pictures of the chicken house. There were are only few chickens when we were there because they used all the chickens to give to the community for Christmas.

My second store belongs to one of my adopted sons Antonio and his family. He is a hard worker but has had a difficult time finding work that paid sufficient enough to help his family. Last August while I was there God gave me an idea to start a store in their home. (there are many little stores like that in Nicaragua). His wife is raising my God daughter and would like to work but because of the passing of Antonio's mom and her mom there really isn't anyone who could babysit. Having a store inside the home serves both purposes, a job for mom and a a local store for others.

This store sales lots of the most necessary items that people use every day, including the most stable things like beans and rice. I have to say that having this stores also serves a huge purpose for me also. If there is ever someone I need food for all I have to do is call up Antonio and have him deliver it to their home. It's already been a huge blessing for me and its only been a few months.

Here are some pictures of all the products they offer. It's been very profitable for them. I'm very happy for his family. Terry made him a sign also which he hangs at his front door. Business has picked up now that everyone knows the store is there. So exciting.