The schools in Nicaragua have graduations just like we do. They call them "Promotions", meaning the child will be promoted to the next level of school, kindergarten to elementary, middle school to high school and high school to college. This year we have 14 kids all together than were promoted. I was blessed to attend the middle school promotion and saw two of the kids go through the graduation process. The preschool promotion happened before we arrived and the high school one was after we left.

The kids are required to purchase their "promotion clothes" and their diploma ( preschool and high school have cap and gowns, the middle school wear a tie and cloves and they get a new uniform and shoes). Thanks to the blessings that we have received this past year that I was able to purchase those items for these special students. Thanks also to the families who helped purchase their child's much needed clothes also. It's very costly for these items and without them the kids would not get to participate in these awesome festivities.

We also met with all the families and blessed them with prayers, a special card which included money and of course ice cream.

Hope you can find your little one in these pictures.