In addition to our scheduled items that had to take place we were able to fit in time to visit several homes and bless several families with different items that they were needing. New Refrigerator

The first home was a family where the mother of the house suffers with Sugar Diabetes. She is only 46 years old but lives her life as if she is 85 or 90. She can barely walk sometimes and is always very sick.

In August when I was there her sugar was 540 and she had been in bed for three days. She has just returned from the hospital but there was no change in her condition. There is very little they can do for her because she can not afford the appropriate amount of insulin. She receives one vile free each month but it has to be kept in a refrigerator which hardly anyone in the community has so she suffers from a lack of medicine all the time.

I am happy to say that this December we were blessed this family with a small refrigerator so she will be able to keep her medicine cool and use it everyday instead of once or twice a month.

Sadly when we arrived we found her passed out on the ground because her sugar had dropped so low from not eating that day. The diet they have there is really bad. It is all carbs which is basically all sugar. She is so limited on what he can eat because of the lack of money to buy the right foods as fell as the lack of knowledge in how to treat her condition. It is very sad to see what she goes through.

Education about Strokes

A neighbor of this same lady had a stroke in November. She is now paralyzed on her right side and can not talk. She can mumble works but not sentences. She is the mother of the young man who was struck by lightening exactly one year from the week she had the stroke.

We were able to visit with her and her family and educate them on what they need to do to help her get better as well as to pray for her.

I will need to keep a close eye on her to make sure she does not start suffering with bed soars. I will be getting her a mattress next week since she is currently sleeping only on the a bambo string that supports the bottom of the bed.