What's Going On...

Well a week has gone by and I know no more today about the adoption than I did the last time I wrote.

My lawyer went to Mi Familia and spoke to someone there but got little to no new information.

It appears that the person who told me the adoption was off may not have known what she was talking about. Since Mi Familia has not told us anything we are going to believe the old saying, No news is Good news..

The person that told the director of the orphanage may have just be shooting off the mouth and had no facts to back what she was saying or the director miss understood. I am not sure which is true but right now no one has officially told us the adoption is off.

I still can't contact the girls. The reason why is a crazy one but it just boils down to the fact they want me to follow their procedures and go and get a written request. My lawyer went on Friday but was not able to see the person making this a requirement. He will try again on Monday.

This has truly been the hardest week of my life. Not knowing anything can cause your mind to think of everything that could go wrong.

Until I am told by God we are not to adopt the girls I am going to fight. Don't mess with a mama bears cubs...

Please continue to pray for us as this is an unexplainable, crazy process that makes no since to anyone. Pray for favor. Right now I am not sure what Mi Familia thinks about me and I need them on my side.

I'll update you as I have something to tell you. Every time I get ready to post something, something new changes.

Please put our family on your churches pray list. We need favor in Mi Familia's eyes and we need for them to get going on the study of the dad. Right now that is the biggest hurdle we need to get past.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.