Operation Education 2020

2020 what a cool number. I can remember being a kid thinking 2020 was a lifetime away and here I am preparing for it’s arrival.

The school year for my kids will soon be coming to an end. We celebrate Thanksgiving here in the states and at the same time my kids will be celebrating the last week of school.

I was blessed to visit Nicaragua in August after a full year and 8 months had passed and needless to say my kids and families were excited to see me.

During my visit I did a census of the community as many people had moved out and others had moved in.

Additionally, I met with the additional families that should have been included in my school list from the beginning and were not because the leader of the community did not agree on the boundary lines of the community. I apologized to all of them and explained the situation and they all very just extremely grateful that I went out of my way to make sure they were now included.

Adding the new families changed the number of families from 80 to 100 and the number of people to 351. I just about had a heart attack the day I did the census and counted all those people. I remember telling God that he better get to work because I know had a lot of new kids that will need sponsors.

I have updated my website with the new kids and I still have several existing kids to add considering there are a large number of sponsors who did not return this year.

If you are a sponsor and will be sponsoring again this year please visit my website and choose the Re-Sponsor item and change the quantity for the number of kids you have.

If you are interested in adding another child you will also find all the new kids. I am missing the ages and grades for the new kids because somewhere from Nicaragua and Charlotte my list of info disappeared. I hope to get it soon and will update the site as I do.

The cost to sponsor will be $40 this year and the money will be due by Oct 31st. This date is firm because I have to wire the money to Nicaragua in time to get the discounted prices. Everything goes up the closer to Christmas you get.

If you prefer not to pay online please send a check to the address listed below.

I would ask that you pray for the kids and their families as times are extremely hard in Nicaragua since all the government issues have occurred. Prices are high, jobs are none existing and times are rougher than I have ever seen.

I have also updated my website with lots of pictures. Check out the 2018 & 2019 gallery pages which has pictures from December when the kids received their uniforms, pictures from my August trip, even pictures all all the kids in the program this year. Can you find yours?

You can view all the photos here.

Please continue to pray for me as I am still learning a lot at my new job and trying to juggle work, family and ministry can be very overwhelming at times.

I hope to return to Nicaragua during the first week of December and would love to take you with me if you would like to go. The cost will be around $1400 for everything. Please reach out if you would be interested.

Please share the links below and help me get these kids sponsored. I would hate to have to show up without uniforms for everyone in December.

Here’s the link to Re-Sponsor your kids. Scroll down and click the Operation Education 2020 link.


Address to mail a check:

The Power of One Ministry
804 Balsam Terrace
Charlotte, NC 28214

Call or email me if you have any questions.



Celebrations, Graduations and Lots of Blessings

This past December I was blessed to visit my families and check on how everyone was doing.

Below is a summary of my visit; Click on the text links to view the photos.


Pre-School, Middle School and High School Graduations were taking place while I was there. This was the first time in the 10 years I have had this program that I was able to attend all 3. We had 7 Pre-School, 14 Middle School and 4 High School graduates. It was so exciting to be a part of this milestone in their lives. They were also excited that "Ms. Angie" got to see their accomplishments.

I left each graduation feeling like a proud Momma. At each graduation the top students were all from my community. What a huge accomplishment!!!!.

Even the kids that received awards for best student in each class were also from the community.  At the beginning of each ceremony a student from the upcoming graduating class attends to represents the upcoming class and the kids that were selected were also kids from the community. It was so excited to know that our kids take school very serious and try extremely hard.

The top student of the Middle School class is a great testimony to the favor of the Lord. This student and her family endured an extremely hard year. The father and mother split up and the mother was left with trying to find a way to provide for her and her daughter. I remember when this first happen and the mother and daughter was devastated. Yet, even though this was a huge set back in their lives the daughter was determined to not let it change her future and in the end she was the top student of the class. She is the last girl in the Middle school photos.


This is the 10th year of Operation Education. I started out with 40 kids and now I have 9 college students and 109 grade school kids for the 2018 school year. School will start on February 12th and the kids are already prepared to go. This is something that is just unheard of in this area. It would not be possible if not for the support of the sponsors. The families remind me every time I go that this help is needed and to please never stop.

Check out the pictures of each student receiving their school uniform package, school supplies and a Christmas gift by clicking here. We also celebrated the success of last years school year by playing games, and enjoying a Pinata and face painting/balloons by my teammate Kelli. Those pictures can been seen here.


It was almost Christmas when I was there and what a great time of the year to bless families with the essentials of life, FOOD. 

Every day we live our lives here in the states with cabinets and refrigerators full of food but sadly that is not the case for these families. Most do not have enough food to get them through the day much less through the weeks to come.

Each family received 20 lbs of food, 10 lbs of beans and 10 lbs of rice. It is a tremendous blessing to them and I am so grateful to the people who hear God's voice and are obedient to send me extra funds to purchase all the food.

We also blessed each family with a bucket and lid. During my August trip I watched as a chicken got a fresh drink from the bucket and seconds later so did the kids. This is a typical occurrence there and one of the root causes of bacterial infections.


As usual we had Movie night in the community where we had 14 gallons of Ice Cream for the kids and families.

It started off as a typical movie night as I was preparing the bowls and Kelli and the Nic team were delivering them to the kids. This, however, was no normal night.

I was scooping out the ice cream and all the sudden I heard what sounded like a fight going on outside the room I was in. One of the college students who was helping us called into where I was and told me there had been some kind of accident.

I ran out of the room into the pitch black darkness and fought my way through the crowd to find a dad holding a little girl in the air shaking her back and forth with all the strength he had.

I once learned from a previous Pastor that you really know where your faith stands when an emergency happens. That proved to be true this night.

The women in the crowd were streaming to the tops of their lungs and the crowd was so tight around the dad that I could not understand what was going on. I saw the dad trying to get the mouth of the child open and she was clearly not getting any air as I could see her turning blue.

My first reaction was she was choking so I grabbed her out of his arms like a Momma Bear ripping her cub from a predator and started to do the Heimlich on her. About that time my translator arrived and told me the crowd was saying her jaws were locked. I immediately started speaking to the sickness in her body to leave and asking God for wisdom. He clearly showed me she had had a seizure so I laid her down on her side and checked for a pulse.  She was no longer clinching her teeth which meant the seizure was over but the crowd around me thought she was dead. We tried to explain to them she was not but everyone was freaking out and screaming.

I remembered when I was young that my neighbors daughter had seizures a lot and to test if she was completely out of the seizure they would put something sweet on her tongue which by default any kid who is conscious will naturally lick it. I yelled at the crowd to get them to be quiet and asked for a piece of candy and within a second of putting it on her tongue see reacted by trying to lick it which proved to the crowd she was not dead. It was crazy.. It was beyond overwhelming for everyone.

I scooped her little body up and took her away from the crowd to a room and wiped her down with a wet rag as she was really hot. As soon as she started to cool down she opened her eyes and throw up which was a good sign.

I had my translator Raphie take her and the family to the hospital right away to find out what caused the seizure.  I will never forget seeing the dad shake her back and forth. I truly believe that if we had not been there he would have killed her just from the shaking. Later that night we went to the hospital and learned that she had a parasite in her body that had traveled through her blood flow and had reached her brain trying to exit her body. This, sadly is a common problem with kids in Nicaragua and is a deadly situation. The doctors stated that if we had not got her to the hospital at the moment we did the parasite would have killed her.

Let me remind you that none of my families own cars, the community is 15 minutes by car from the hospital and there are no buses or other methods of transportation. If we had not been there with a car at that exact moment this story may have had a much different outcome.

I learned several lessons that night.

1. My faith was in the Lord and many others in the community were crying out to God, yet many others were not. Much more work to be done there.

2. These families need to be taught proper ways to handle medical emergencies. 

3. They need a plan of action to get the person to the hospital.

When I return it is my goal to teach classes to everyone in the community on how to deal with common things like Heart Attacks, Seizures, Head Injuries, Severe Cuts, etc. I am in need to help to accomplish this.

Do you know of anyone who works with the Red Cross or Samaritans Purse or any other agencies that might have pamphlets in Spanish on these type of topics? Do you know anyone who is trained in Field First Aid? I need someone who knows how to deal with issues like this in the fields and not in a city type setting.

If you know of anyone I can contact or have any suggestions on how I can find materials for this type of training I would be grateful. I would need it by at least May. I hope to do this training during my trip in July/August.

 As you see this trip was a very exciting one. We were able to show the Love of Jesus through the closeness we encountered with each family.

Thank you as always for your prayers and continued financial support for these kids. 

Angie & Terry

The Power of One Ministry
c/o Angie Honeycutt
804 Balsam Terrace
Charlotte, NC 28214

An Opportunity For Higher Education

In my community there are several young adults who are attending college with the support of sponsors and they are doing really well.

I currently have 2 students who are attending college without sponsors and it is a tremendous struggle for them. They find themselves going to school all day on Saturday from 4:30 in the morning until 8pm at night with no food because there's just no extra money to use.

Meet Angela Dominguez

She is currently studying to be an Teacher. She enjoys all ages but thinks the preschool or earlier years will be the classes she will teach.

She needs a minimum of $50 a month to cover the cost of the college and transportation.



Meet Alejandro De Jesus Varela

He is studying to be a Veterinarian. He works with his dad raising chickens in the community and has feel in love with taking care of the animals.

The cost would be $50 a month to support him as well.

I wire the money to each student every two months to ensure there is accountability on their part and they are required to show me their grades as the college provides them.

Classes for both of these students run from February through end of November. The cost per year would be $500. If you would be willing to support either of these students I would need either of the following payment methods.

1. $250 in February and the remaining $250 by July.

2. A monthly bill pay check or PayPal payment that comes at the same time every month

3. Full payment up front each year in February.

This would be a great opportunity for a Sunday school class project, a family project (every member pitches in equal amounts) or even a group of friends pitching in $10 a month. I'm open to other payment methods as long as I am not responsible for being the one to remind you.

School starts soon for these students and I would love to tell them they won't have to struggle as much.

Would you please pray about this opportunity and send me an email if you feel led to help them. If you can't help them financially, prayer is always needed.

Blessings to all,





Christmas Shopping Can Bless The Needy

This week Thursday - Monday are the busiest shopping days of the year.

If you buy things from Amazon, your purchases can bless this ministry and will in return bless the needy families we support.

Simply use the link below and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to The Power Of One Ministry. The prices are the same, shipping is the same, everything is the same for you during your shopping experience.

Use this link all year and make a difference while you shop.




Reasons to be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. This time of year is always special to me, especially as I prepare to head to Nicaragua on the 28th.

Here are some reasons I am thankful as I think about my families in Nicaragua;

  • Thankful for a soft mattress - families in Nicaragua sleep on plywood boards or a rope mesh bed which is horrible for their bodies.
  • Thankful for a bathroom with walls and privacy - families bathe in an open area where everyone can see as they pass by. Using only a bucket of cold water to pour over their heads, even their outhouses are covered by ripped plastic that blows in the wind as you sit and do your business.
  • Thankful for leftovers after Thanksgiving even if I have eaten the same food for 3 days  - families eat a tortilla and a cup of rice once daily and would think leftovers from Thanksgiving is food from a 5 star restaurant.
  • Thankful for a job that works me way to many hours - most families do not have a job and would never complain about any conditions they work in.
  • Thankful for clothes that I have had for years - most families have clothes that either don't fit or don't match or have broken zippers or missing buttons.They cherish every new or old piece of clothing they have.
  • Thankful for numerous pairs of shoes - most kids and parents have only one pair of shoes and usually they are wore out.

As you see it doesn't take much to find things in your life to be thankful for.

This Thanksgiving most families will throw away more food on their plates that they don't eat than my families will eat in days so as you sit down this year with your families please say a small prayer for all my families in Nicaragua as well as the families right here in Charlotte who are struggling during this time.

I am preparing to leave to Nicaragua on the 28th to see my kids graduate from school this year and to bless them with school supplies for the next year. Operation Education has 113 kids this year and thanks to Gods blessings all of them have sponsors.

I plan to bless the 80 families with food for Christmas and a toy for each of the kids and their siblings. This will cost approximately $1300. If anyone of you would like to help in this project, every dollar counts so please send it in as soon as you can or donate online, your help is greatly appreciated.The average cost per family is $15 a bag for the food.

If you sponsor a child your letters are due by Friday. Please take 5 minutes to send them a note to let them know you are praying for them and thinking of them.It will bless them beyond and make them feel so special. It is very important to them so please take time to send it in.

Prayer needs for the trip include:
1. Pray for open doors, open hearts and wisdom on what to share with the families
2. Pray for protection and safety.
3. Pray for healthy bodies there and back.
4. Pray that the love of God will be seen through every thing we say and do.

As always I appreciate all of you for continuing to pray for this ministry each year after year. It's been 12 wonderful years and 53 trips that your support has got them through. Never under estimate the Power of One, Jesus, through Him we can accomplish great and mighty things.