Reasons to be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. This time of year is always special to me, especially as I prepare to head to Nicaragua on the 28th.

Here are some reasons I am thankful as I think about my families in Nicaragua;

  • Thankful for a soft mattress - families in Nicaragua sleep on plywood boards or a rope mesh bed which is horrible for their bodies.
  • Thankful for a bathroom with walls and privacy - families bathe in an open area where everyone can see as they pass by. Using only a bucket of cold water to pour over their heads, even their outhouses are covered by ripped plastic that blows in the wind as you sit and do your business.
  • Thankful for leftovers after Thanksgiving even if I have eaten the same food for 3 days  - families eat a tortilla and a cup of rice once daily and would think leftovers from Thanksgiving is food from a 5 star restaurant.
  • Thankful for a job that works me way to many hours - most families do not have a job and would never complain about any conditions they work in.
  • Thankful for clothes that I have had for years - most families have clothes that either don't fit or don't match or have broken zippers or missing buttons.They cherish every new or old piece of clothing they have.
  • Thankful for numerous pairs of shoes - most kids and parents have only one pair of shoes and usually they are wore out.

As you see it doesn't take much to find things in your life to be thankful for.

This Thanksgiving most families will throw away more food on their plates that they don't eat than my families will eat in days so as you sit down this year with your families please say a small prayer for all my families in Nicaragua as well as the families right here in Charlotte who are struggling during this time.

I am preparing to leave to Nicaragua on the 28th to see my kids graduate from school this year and to bless them with school supplies for the next year. Operation Education has 113 kids this year and thanks to Gods blessings all of them have sponsors.

I plan to bless the 80 families with food for Christmas and a toy for each of the kids and their siblings. This will cost approximately $1300. If anyone of you would like to help in this project, every dollar counts so please send it in as soon as you can or donate online, your help is greatly appreciated.The average cost per family is $15 a bag for the food.

If you sponsor a child your letters are due by Friday. Please take 5 minutes to send them a note to let them know you are praying for them and thinking of them.It will bless them beyond and make them feel so special. It is very important to them so please take time to send it in.

Prayer needs for the trip include:
1. Pray for open doors, open hearts and wisdom on what to share with the families
2. Pray for protection and safety.
3. Pray for healthy bodies there and back.
4. Pray that the love of God will be seen through every thing we say and do.

As always I appreciate all of you for continuing to pray for this ministry each year after year. It's been 12 wonderful years and 53 trips that your support has got them through. Never under estimate the Power of One, Jesus, through Him we can accomplish great and mighty things.