An Opportunity For Higher Education

In my community there are several young adults who are attending college with the support of sponsors and they are doing really well.

I currently have 2 students who are attending college without sponsors and it is a tremendous struggle for them. They find themselves going to school all day on Saturday from 4:30 in the morning until 8pm at night with no food because there's just no extra money to use.

Meet Angela Dominguez

She is currently studying to be an Teacher. She enjoys all ages but thinks the preschool or earlier years will be the classes she will teach.

She needs a minimum of $50 a month to cover the cost of the college and transportation.



Meet Alejandro De Jesus Varela

He is studying to be a Veterinarian. He works with his dad raising chickens in the community and has feel in love with taking care of the animals.

The cost would be $50 a month to support him as well.

I wire the money to each student every two months to ensure there is accountability on their part and they are required to show me their grades as the college provides them.

Classes for both of these students run from February through end of November. The cost per year would be $500. If you would be willing to support either of these students I would need either of the following payment methods.

1. $250 in February and the remaining $250 by July.

2. A monthly bill pay check or PayPal payment that comes at the same time every month

3. Full payment up front each year in February.

This would be a great opportunity for a Sunday school class project, a family project (every member pitches in equal amounts) or even a group of friends pitching in $10 a month. I'm open to other payment methods as long as I am not responsible for being the one to remind you.

School starts soon for these students and I would love to tell them they won't have to struggle as much.

Would you please pray about this opportunity and send me an email if you feel led to help them. If you can't help them financially, prayer is always needed.

Blessings to all,