Urgent Prayer Request for my girls

In the last 7 days I have been told so many things from people in Nicaragua it would make your head spin.

First, I was told by my daughters father that he was on his way to Mi Familia to sign her over to us. He never went.

Second, I was told by my case worker that MF called him and told him to come in because they had decided to give us the girls because it was the best for them and they needed to meet with him to take care of the paperwork. He never showed to their meeting either.

Third, On Friday I was told that at 8:00am he was on his way to sign. He did finally go.

Fourth, by 10:00pm Friday night I was told that he changed his mind and in fact was told by the delegate at MF that he should never give up his child and they would help him build a relationship with her. (After 9 years of no contact)

Fifth, I called the girls as I normally do every Sunday to be told I am not allowed to talk to them any more.

Because I am afraid that something I might say about MF will get repeated I will chose my words wisely and say that "rumor" has it that there is a chance my girls will never be mine now because they feel building that relationship with "DAD" is more important than giving both girls a life so if I can't get one I cant' get both. The oldest will be forced to stay in Nicaragua.

My attorney is going to visit the delegate tomorrow to get the facts and fight for my rights. I have been a part of their lives for 4 years. I have spent 9 weeks with them this year alone. They know no other mommy and daddy.

I can honestly say my flesh is weak but my spirit is strong and the God I serve is greater and bigger than any person at MF and he can change the hearts and minds of all of them in the blink of an eye.

Please join with me in agreement that GOD's will be done for my girls and that MF will get their act together on my case. It is so messed up because there are two offices trying to figure out who is boss and who is making the decisions.

Pray for favor and that "No weapon formed against me shall prosper" No even MF.

Pray for my flesh as this roller coaster ride has just make me sick and I want to get off...

P.U.S.H. - Pray until something happens.

Please pray for us over and over again.