On my way to Haiti

I had hoped to send this last night but I ended up sick and needed to go to bed. I am here with our team at the airport getting excited to head south.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated supplies. I had so much that there will be some for the next trip that the church will take. Way to go friends. You really showed how much you can support me and how much helping God is important to you.

Please pray for our team as we have no idea what things we will come up against.

Pray for healing in my body. I have antibiotics and hope my ears are better before I board this plane.

I wished I had more time to write but I don't. I will not be sending any updates because there is not electricity where I will be staying.

Please pray for my family as this will be the first time I have ever left with no communication for a week.

Love you guys and thanks so much for you help.

I did not raise all the money needed for this trip so if anyone wanted to donate and didn't please go ahead and send it so I will have it when I get back.

Thank you so much.. Praise God He is in control.


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