My trip to Haiti

We'll I've been home 4 days now and still have not processed all I saw. It was truly more to take in than one can imagine for many different reasons. Before I left on this trip my understanding of what we had planned to do was much different than what  God had planned for us. I spend the entire trip thinking we were missing something when that "something" was right in front of my eyes.

To make a long story short God showed me that sometimes in life what appears to be best is not always what he needs us to do.

Due to many different circumstances outside my control we spent much of our time not in Port au Prince but inside the walls of the orphanage where we were staying along with 85 beautiful orphaned kids.

I was so excited we would have time to play with the kids but the entire time I kept thinking we needed to be out with all the earthquake victims. God showed me soon he had other plans for our team.

The kids at this orphanage were so scared they would no longer sleep in their beds at night. Most of them were sleeping under a shelter on the hard floor or a small sponge mat because they thought another quake would come and the building would collapse on them. How sad it was to know those wonderful children had no assurance they would be ok.

Soon each of us played the role of a parent. Encouraging these beautiful bright young kids that everything was going to be ok. Unfortunately  they were not buying it. The fear was very strong and there were no adults there hardly but us to assure them.   Our ministry was right in our arms and I am sad to say I didn't see it until I got home.

We were also able to bless a community with a lot of the medical supplies we took. Like most poor countries with no health care there were a lot of sick babies and sick senior citizens.

We were also able to visit Port au Prince and see all the destruction. It was truly worse then you have seen on TV. It looked like a bomb had dropped on every building. People were wondering the streets everywhere. It would remind you of a very crowded festival. People were wondering around just trying to find what they could. We saw people taking out rhubarb from destroyed buildings so they could sell it and even some people were still pulling out deceased bodies. it was truly a painful thing to see.

One of the pastors we were suppose to work with will use all the medical supplies in one of the tent villages and in the poorest part of Haiti. I am happy to know many will receive the much needed medical support.

I have loaded pictures for you to see. I could tell you story after story but it would take forever so I'll let the pictures tell you more about what I saw.

In the gallery you will see the collection of medical supplies I collected. Thanks to all of you who were able to give toward this. I promise you they were used for God's glory and they will continue to be used for it.

There are pictures of us having the medical clinic. I am sure hundreds were seen that day. The community was extremely thankful. I was able to encourage them to continue praying and trusting God to supply the much needed support they are praying for.

There are pictures of the kids from the orphanage. I was so amazed by them. One of the boys has learned 4 languages. Several others could speak at least 3. They were such a blessing to be around. I'm not sure who needed who more, them or us.

There are many pictures of the devastation in Port au Prince and pictures of the many tent villages. Tents were setup anywhere they could put them away from the buildings. People had put up signs asking for help in 4 languages, English, French, Creole and Spanish.

We were not able to help the people in POP directly but will help them through the local pastor. He will be able to feed them with food we purchased for him and with all the medical supplies. He holds a medical clinic with local doctors each week where he ministers to their body and soul.

On Sunday we went to church with th kids and saw over 45 people who had accepted the Lord after the earthquake. Many people who rejected God before are turning to Him now. God is turning a really bad situation into an opportunity to bring Haitians into the Kingdom of God. Later that night we blessed the children with all the wonderful stuffed animals given to me to take along with candy and toys. They were so happy to receive the toys and eat the peanut butter crackers we made for them.  It was a lot of fun to see their smiles.

We left last Monday with tears in our eyes and many many hugs from the kids who were so thankful for our time with them. God used us to bless them in many ways. We loved on them, told them how much they were loved and most importantly we told them how much God loves them.

I am looking forward to going again to do other work if God allows but for now I am content that even though we did not do what I wanted to or expected to I know we did what God wanted and that's the most important thing you can do on a mission trip. Be flexible and be obedient.

Thanks for all your support I know God will honor it and bless you more than I was ever blessed.

Check out the pictures by clicking here..

God Bless,