It's almost time to go...

On Friday, Terry, Logan (middle son) and I will leave at 12:10 on our way to Nicaragua. It's hard to believe this will be my 21st trip in 7 years. I remember my 3rd trip riding in the front of the van talking about how one day I would love to be coming more and doing more and here I am just 4 years later. God is so good. He is so faithful.

This trip we had two others what were suppose to go but due to unforeseen medical issues they can not join us. Please pray for my friends as they will be dealing with serious issues while I am in Nicaragua.

This trip we have several things planned that I would like to your prayer for.

1. On Sunday 11th we will be having a celebration in Ceibita. My hopes are to bless the families with a hotdog lunch with fruit. They don't get meat but once or twice a year so this should be a treat. We will also be playing games and will give the kids a pinata.

2. Meeting with the men of Ceibita. Remember last month we started the tile business there. The men had gone to 6 other organizations before coming to me and now they are in business. I am hoping this opens a huge door for me to share with them how much God loves them and cares about their future. This is a great opportunity so please pray for the right time and the right words to be shared.

3. Soccer and Basketball Tournament - on Monday and Tuesday we will be hosting a tournament each night for a 140 youth. It will be held in the center of the city where all the youth hang out. All the drug dealers, gang members, prostitutes tend to linger around this park area so we are bringing Jesus to them. On Wednesday night we will invite them to a banquet and give them a celebration with a Christian youth group performing skits and dramas and there will be a presentation of trophies and metals to all the players.  Last year 55 boys accepted the Lord. We are hoping for another harvest of souls this year as well. This year however the boys in the tournament are a different "type" of kids. Most are the ones that would never step foot in a church. Pray they come to the banquet, pray now they will listen to the knock at their door.

4. My Darling has a little girl - the lady who's house  I have been raising money for has had her baby this week. We will be working to repair her home and give her a bed to sleep in and thanks to several of you I am taking nice baby clothes to her as well.

There are many other things going on but these are the key ones that I want to bring attention to.

As always please pray for my family as I will be leaving Jacob and Jordon behind.

Pray for health and protection. I have no desires to be sick this trip.

Thanks to all of you who  supported the Women's Project, bought jewelry or contributed to the yard sale. All the money raised I will be spending there this week. I made just enough. Would have like to have had a little more but God's in charge of that problem.

I'll try to keep you posted while I am there but the tournament is at night so I won't have access to the internet very often.

Please commit to seek God's face for the many lives I will be around. I'm expecting to give you a great report.

Thanks for everything and for your prayers.