Are you investing in your children?

It's that time of the year when parents of children get them ready for school. Regardless if you homeschool or send your child outside the home there are things you do to invest in their school year like purchasing school supplies, new school clothes, shoes, new materials to teach from or just maybe it's a new backpack. All those items are investments you are making into your child's education. Last December I was blessed to raise enough sponsorships to send 49 kids to school from the community of Ceibita. They are doing well and all of them are making high grades. They are so proud of their accomplishments. The school term for them runs from February until Thanksgiving week so they are half way through the school year now.

I am working toward next school year for them. I have challenged their parents to ensure the 1 uniform they have last as long as possible. I examined everyone's uniform and shoes and wow.. much to my surprise they are not holding up very well. They are cheap made so they have already lost some buttons and the backpacks have zippers that have broken but then again I think last year my boys went through 2 backpacks each for the same reason.

I would like to ask each of you who are going school shopping for your kids to invest in another child. I know the economy is bad and it is hard for all of us but I am not asking for you to send a child to private school I am asking for you to invest in their lives, there's a big difference.

There are 26 more kids living in Ceibita that need uniforms and all the kids that were already sponsored will need some new clothes if not all for next year but for now I am only asking for some school supplies for them.

Yesterday I purchased 75 packs of crayons and 75 erasers for .20 and .30 cents each but I need some other items like:


Pencil Sharpeners

Colored Pencils

Would you be willing to invest in the education of another by purchasing one or more of these items for me? I need 75 of each.

Soon I will have a list of all the kids posted on my website that need full uniforms so I am asking you now to start praying and asking God if it is your place to invest in a child's life by sending them to school for the year. The cost will be between $20 and $28 per child. I am working now on getting the entire uniform with shoes at a better rate than last year and a much higher quality of material. I will know soon.

Walmart has all the school supplies on sale now. Each of the items I need is only $1 each. If every one of you picked up just one set of each I would have double of what I need which would be even better. Please consider adding just a $1 or $2 or $3 to your child's school list and make an investment that will change a life forever.

I will need the supplies in November so if you can't give up the $3 this month maybe you can next month, however, you won't be able to purchase these items at a $1 then.

I have seen the investment we have made pay off already. One mother told me her teenager has been reading her the bible I gave them each day to her. She was so excited that her daughter who had never been to school has learned enough already to begin reading.. Thanks so much to those who sponsored a child last year.

If you would like to sponsor the same child you sponsored last year let me know. I will soon have the pictures online for you. For the kids from last year it will be the same picture because this year the rain got in our way and we could not take pictures of all the kids again. We did however manage to get pictures of the new kids.

Please pray about this investment. Just imagine how it would be if your child could not go to school.

75 Packs of Crayons for $17 what a deal..

Thanks for praying and investing in the kids of Ceibita..