It is finished...

Last night and today was truly the longest two days I think I have experienced in my lifetime. I arrived in Somotillo around 4 yesterday and went straight to the home. There are no funeral homes around here and the family is responsible for everything. So Oscar was in his casket which was being held by white plastic chairs.

It was extremely hard to walk in the house and find my little buddy in a casket. I really still can´t believe this all has happen. I caught myself already thinking I can´t forget to call him on his birthday.

Things are very different here. The wake tradition in Somotillo is NOT OF GOD at all. The entire two nights that the body was here in Somotillo all the drunks of the town show up to play cards all night (literally until 6am) and expect the family to provide food and coffee.

It was so hard for me. I was angry all night long. I finally left at 2 which was actually 4 for me because I just could not stay up any longer and condone what was going on.

It is a part of their tradition and expected when someone dies. Sad, so sad...

This morning I was so tired I almost overslept and missed the church service. The family walks the body to the church. Carrying it on the shoulders of who ever wants. The church was at least a mile from the house and it was about 105 degrees. I helped carry him almost half way. I just could not let those drunks carry my little buddy.

Once in the church a priest gave a very good service and then to the cemetery we went. The father and grandfather had worked all day on Sunday preparing the grave.  The actual burial was also very odd. They are responsible for covering him and putting blocks and cement on the top. We waited for a long time as they mixed concrete and added blocks to cover the top.

We are such a blessed country. Can you imagine having to cover your own child... It´s really hard, trust me.

The family is doing as good as expected. Going on hardly any sleep and just dealing with the shock has made everyone extremely tired and wore out emotionally and physically.

The entire family ask that I tell each of you how much they appreciate all the prayers and support you have given them. They are very thankful for everything. I told them about the raffle we had for Oscar and they just could not believe that 1300 tickets were sold on behalf of Oscar, a total stranger.

I made sure they knew he is no stranger to you.

I have been asked several times how much did the funeral end of costing and to be honest I am not finished paying just yet but as of tonight it is around $350. That barely gets us an hour at a funeral home in the US.

I am amazed at the outpouring of prayers I have received during this process. Please continue to pray for the family as  on Friday, Francisca is to report back to prison. The Attorney General has over ruled the judge who freed her. She is still in pain from the operation and we are hoping to get an extension to buy her some time. Pray for healing in her side also.

Join with me in praise that Oscar is in pain no more. I am so glad I came because I needed this closure. It was a big financial burden but I am trusting God to take care of it.

I leave  back to Managua tomorrow and will fly home Wednesday morning. Please pray for me as I am flying standby and really need to get home early on Wednesday so I can help Terry in a corporate event he is shooting photos for.

Again, thanks to all.....


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