We're Here and Very busy..

I'm sorry I am just now giving you an update. We arrived on Saturday and have been going 90 miles an hour ever since. It has been a good trip so far with the exception of getting delayed in Houston for a day. This cause everything to be moved forward but we are working through it.

We have had a lot of issues with the soccer team. Many of my cleats were stolen and now we do not have enough.

Please pray for us as this has caused a great deal of issues for those who did not steal them.

Our team is doing well together and we will be visting the new community tomorrow.

We went to Coffradia and they had a major welcome party for me. I can't wait to show you the pictures. They made signs and painted rocks saying Welcome Ally (didn't know how to spell my name). It was so overwhelming to feel so loved.

Please continue to pray for us. It is very hot here and all are feeling very very tired at night.

I will write more tomorrow. For now, just pray for those who stole my cleats and those we are trying to minister to.

God Bless,