Pray for the Banquet

Tomorrow we are having the championship games for the soccer teams. It has been extremely exciting today as the last teams play for the playoff. We have planned a larger banquet tomorrow night. A group from a city near by has a great group of boys that do hip-hop and sing and they are coming to do the banquet for us. They are decorating and everything.  I cant wait to see what happens.

Please pray for the salvation of all these boys. There will be at least 200 people there. The mayor is speaking and we will be feeding them a great meal also in addition to feeding them the Word of God.

All is going well for us here so far. Our work will be done in Somotillo tomorrow and we will leave Friday to visit the girls from the orphanage I have supported. Pray we find them.

In the morning we will be distrubuting soccer clothes to the kids of the new village and toys and the irrigations systems.

Pray we connect with the many families we will be helping in the morning.

God Bless, got to go.