Urgent Prayer Request...

A friend of mine is in need of prayer. She has female medical issues that are very serious. Her doctor has found a mass on her ovary and is being tested to determine if it is a cyst or a tumor.

My friend has been called to go on a mission trip this month and has been advised not to go by the doctor at this time.

I of all people understand what an attack is before you go into the mission field and I truly feel this is one.

I am sure she only wants God's perfect will for her life and if she is to stay home she will be ok with that but based on all that has happen I truly feel she is to go.

Please pray for the doctor to have wisdom and for my friend. Pray for peace and healing. Pray for no more sickness and a perfect healed body.

We serve a God who created the Heavens and the Earth in 7 days I am sure he can handle this. We trust Him, she trusts Him but her flesh is weak from the week of sickness she has had to endure.

She is a very private person so since I did not get her permission to tell you her private life I will leave her name out of this and ask for you to just pray for "Angie's Friend".

Thanks so much for praying for her. Together we can move mountains with our prayers.