My first Micro-Loan

Remember I told you in March my visit was to discuss how to start a tile business? Needless to say I had no idea what God had in store for me.

I arrived late to Somotillo, (an entire day) missed my very important meetings with a tile business owner and found myself feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated only to find out God had it already under control.

In December when I went to Ceibita unbeknown to me the men were trying to start a business on their own. The trouble in Nicaragua is no one has any money to start anything. 12 men in Ceibita had been saving and saving every penny they had for a while trying to better themselves. They unfortunately had to go to a "Loan Shark" and borrow money to get this business started. This is where I come in.

I arrived sick as a dog to my meeting with the men and found they had done their homework. They had approached 6 organizations in Managua already and been turned down by all of them. They were trying hard not to come to me since they felt I had already done so much for them already. They had put together a business proposal and a plan that would allow them to succeed. Here I was right smack in the middle of a major business meeting and I could barely hold up my head to look at them. They were so gracious with me. Did I mention at 8:30 that morning it was already 110 degrees. Ended up being the hottest day ever recorded in Somotillo.... I was not sure why in the world God had me there, sick, tired, hot and frustrated trying to listen to these men but I knew he was up to something.

Well long story short, today I look back at that meeting and realize if I had not been sick I would have most likely ran the meeting as I normally would have an would not have gotten to see men who had never spoke in front of a crowd ever before must less present a business plan shine like no other. It was great. I could not talk much because my throat was hurting and my head was pounding and I felt like I was going to pass out every 10 minutes but God gave me strength that day and he gave it to those 12 men also. They were so worried, they had studied every part of the plan in case I ask a question. It was great. They desired it so bad and they showed it with their wiliness to get out of their comfort zone.

I promised them nothing more than I would be willing to ask on their behalf to anyone and everyone that would listen but it would be up them to pray and seek God and ask him to send someone my way. They were hoping I would make this happen soon and I again told them it was in God's hands and up to them to ask for me. I was told even though they are not Christians and do not go to church they met every week to pray with the Pastor over their business.. Sounds like God is up to something here.

The proposal required me to raise $2580. This would be $215 per person (12 men). They would then take this money and purchase the much needed equipment and instead of paying off the "Loan Shark" at 20% interest they would pay me back with no interest and for a longer period of time giving them more money in their pockets each month and they would be able to make more tile because they could take 12 small businesses and make it one large factory.

I came home and wrote a business proposal for the men and sent it to a man I know in SC. He then proposed it to another person who has agreed to make this dream come true for the families in Ceibita. I wired the money two weeks ago and the men are shouting so loud I could hear them here.. They are so excited and are working hard.

It all seems well and has a good plan now it is up to the men to pay it back and make their business successful.

Here is the best part of this. Every month on the day they have to pay the loan back they have agreed to attend church. They are not going to church at all right now, only the women. Only one of them is a Christian and only one of them attend any church related function or meeting. I am trusting God this is the avenue to the hearts of these men. What a door God has opened for them! This gives me a chance to show them how much God really loves them. I can't wait until July to talk to them. They will have to listen to me that day.. :)

Here are photos of our meeting and photos of the tile factory. Please pray for these men, pray they will see Jesus through this and know their source is God not a "Loan Shark" or me.

I had to spend an additional $207 to make this happen which was not planned for so if anyone feels led to sew into this project to cover the remaining $207 it would be greatly appreciated. I know God has this taken care of so pray about it and if its us just let me know. This will change over 100 peoples lives. This community will become the most popular place to live in Somotillo very soon.

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God Bless,


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This is a picture of one of the ovens and some of the finished tiles.