Update on Logan's Appointment

Sorry I have not sent this before now. Came home and had to process it all and decide how I felt about it all. Ok here is what we now know.

Logan has Macular Degeneration which is very well known and common in elderly people. It is the most common eye diseases around. At this time there are no cures for this disease and very little that can be done to help out. Glasses don't help and there are no surgeries.

The doctor had a machine in his office that not even Duke University has and was able to see Logan's entire eye and saw no other issues . He told us that Logan will never go blind which is not what we have been told before. Praise God for that.

He also worked with Logan and fit him for a special pair of lenses. They are telescopic and will give him the ability to drive a car. He went from 20/200 in both eyes to 20/50. A huge difference. Why am I not shouting to the roof tops?

The problem is these are not regular glasses. They are Star Wars looking and for a 13 year old in school they are just not an option. He was so upset when he found out the only way he will ever be able to drive is with these glasses. I think he got excited when the doctor gave him different ones to test and he could see many things for the first time and then showed him the actual ones. BIG difference. They would remind you of the glasses surgeons use in surgery. They have a part that comes off the lenses and sticks out about 1/4 of an inch. They are not the most practical set of glasses.

Logan is 13 and soon will be 14. If he ever wants to take Drivers Ed. he will have no other choose but wear them. We will let him make that decision.

The biggest thing we left with was HOPE. There are trials being run for a cure to this disease. Doctors feel in 5 to 8 years it will be approved for humans and is a complete cure. That is amazing. For 13 years I was told there is nothing that will ever be done for Logan and now I hear in 5 or so years he could be cured completely.

This is a big deal to me. He will just graduate high school at that time and be ready for his first year of college or so. We are going to pray it gets done faster and be just in time for him.

Overall we had a great visit. No immediate changes. No difference in his life today but HOPE for tomorrow.

He is not too exited right now. Pressure at this age is hard so we will let him decide when or if he wants to get the glasses to drive. They would help in many other areas but for now he is fine living the way he is. Pray he has a change of heart. They would really help him a lot.

Thanks for all your prayers. God is working on Logan's behalf and I trust him TOTALLY. I know he has a plan for Logan and we will watch that plan take place with or without telescopic lenses.

God Bless,