Nicaragua Women's Project

Men, the title says it all. You are welcome to read on or feel free to forward this to a woman. Ladies, have you ever thought what it would be like to have been raised in the beginning of civilization? You know during Eve's time?

I have thought about it and I just don't think I would have fit in very well during that time. No lotions, no nice smelling soaps, no fingernail polish ( I don't even wear it but I like it) no girl stuff at all. Just survival things.

Well the ladies I deal with in Nicaragua almost live this way. They live without the personal hygiene items we can not live without. They don't even get to take a bath everyday or every other day and they live in a very sandy environment. Can you imagine going to bed at night with sand on you from one end to the other?

While I was there in December I had the opportunity to speak to the ladies of Ceibeta about their monthly cycles. It was embarrassing to them to talk to me because of their circumstances. They felt ashamed.

Most of the older women use torn up t-shirts so their daughters can have pads. They live with the feeling of being unclean and won't even go to the market or church during that week.

I came home and started discussing with a friend what it would take to provide them with cloth pads. Yes, cloth. Don't roll your eyes just yet.

I have worked with a person who has created a very nice holder with 3 pads. All triple lined and water absorbent.

I took them to  show the ladies in March and you would have thought I brought them a new house. They were so excited. They shared with me that this idea was the most practical way I could help them and they thought it was a brilliant idea.

Nicaragua has a cleaning powder that is not allowed in the US that will clean anything. Even the ladies said the pads will be a breeze to wash. We will give them a holder, with 3 pads. One stronger for night and two for the day. This way they will be able to rotate them out. We are testing this with 8 women now to make sure we are correct.

This is a great project, ladies. Only we can understand what it would be like to not have pads during that week. The cost of pads for one cycle is the cost of a weeks wages. The men won't allow the older women to purchase pads unless they have extra income. Only the teen girls get to have them and even still it is a weeks wages every month to purchase them for most families.

The cost of the pads we have created is $6. This includes the holder and 3 pads. This is a great deal.A $6 dollar investment not only gives them pads for a very long time, it saves them a weeks wages every month for EVERY person in the home that needs them.

Please consider being a part of this project. I am taking donations until May 7th. I hope to you will consider joining me in giving these women some dignity and an opportunity to no feel UNCLEAN.

To donate toward this project you can give by PayPal/Credit/Debit cards at this  link or you can send a check to the following address: Just mark it Women's Project.

Let me know if you have any questions and please consider praying about how you can forward this to other women who would like to get involved.

God Bless and thanks so much,


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