Starting out great already...

Well I am happy to say I am safe and sound in Managua. I arrived yesterday around 4 and left home at 4am so it was a long day. Not to mention I only got 2 hours of sleep before I left. My flights were very short between each other and I had three of them so when I arrived to Managua I didn´t even go to see if my bags where there instead I headed toward the counter to wait for the agent who tracks lost bags. I turned around and to my amazement there was both of my bags. I just about danced in that building. I did shout and praise God to the top of my lungs. I just could not believe it even though I expected it and prayed for it. It was such a sweet blessing from God. He knew how bad I needed those bags. Needless to say the long flight and my wore out body got a huge boost of energy.

Today I went to the hospital with my friend and at 1200 God gave me a new healthy baby girl to bless. It is just amazing to have been here on this day. God made this trip so special to me.  He has blessed me with a new little girl to spoil. We don´t have the details on her size yet because things are really differnt here but I saw her for a minute and she is healthy and beautiful and for now that is all that matters.

I bought 40 bibles today and God blessed with me a larger bible than expected. I can´t wait to take them to Cebieta.

Thanks so muc h for your prayers. God answered them in a mighty way. I got my bags and a new baby, things are going great. Keep praying because I am only one day into this trip and there is a lot more to get done.

I´ll write more later as I can, for now, BEDTIME.. I am exhausted...