God is doing something in Somotillo

I need your prayers. God has opened a door for me to showing Facing the Gaints movie for over 200 youth tomorrow night.

It will be a nice chance to show them a movie and then share the Gospel with them.

The Pastor here wants me to talk to the boys and that is not normal for me but I agree it showed be me so I need your prayers that the Holy Spirit will speak through me and many lives will be changed by the words from my heart.

The local church here has been fasting all day and praying for the outcome of this meeting but I am asking specifically for prayer for me. It is not normal for me to do this and I am already nervous. I am willing to do what ever God wants but preaching is not my call. Talking to them I can do but want to make sure I have the right words.

God is already doing great things on this trip. He has opened the doors for me to do many more projects here in Somotillo. Today I meet with a lot of teenagers and found there are many things to do there in order to keep them focused on the Lord. I am very excited about the coming year.

Tomorrow I will be taking the kids shopping for the school clothes. They are so excited. They have such great appreciation to everyone. On mother told me she will get up at 4am to make sure she is ready. It was so sweet. They have great hearts and are doing so well.  I also bought them bibles and they acted like I had given them a million dollars.

I am so thankful to be here and for your help to carry out what I am doing. Tomorrow will be the busiest day this week so pray for my strength. It is very very hot this time and should not be. I have had a headache each day from the heat. I am even drinking tons of water and it is not working.

I can´t wait to tell you about tomorrow night. Pray for it´s success.

Until then...