Leaving in the morning.

I have been so busy the last two weeks that I have not had 10 minutes to write about my trip. I am almost all packed and ready to go with bags full of Christmas gifts for the new orphanage, irrigation systems for the 10 new families we are adding on, baby clothes and extras for a new baby girl arriving on Monday morning and tons of school supplies.

Thanks so much for everybody who has played a role in this trip. It amazes me each time I leave how many people are involved. This is not just my trip to Nicaragua. This is everyones trip that has helped and prayed for me. I just happen to be the one that gets to go.

God has been working overtime to help me this trip and I want to give him praise.

1st - I have a new GIRL translator who is sold out for Jesus and wants to work for free. Yes I said FREE. She told me it would be her way of giving to God. How sweet. I will of course pay her but she thinks she should do it for free.

2nd - My airline ticketed ended up costing $561 which is not too bad and much better than the $700 I was going to have to pay. I will be flying 3 different airlines so pray for my luggage to be where ever I am. This is very important for me because I don't want to lose any of the great stuff in my bags. No only did God give me a great ticket but he put me on an airline that only charges $55 for an oversize bag instead of $200 and trust me the bag I am taking is OVERSIZED.

3rd - I just found out that the gardens in Cebieta are at full harvest. I will hopefully get there in time to actually see RED ripe tomatoes. I can't wait to see them.

4th - I sent word that I was coming and ask what could I bring them and all they wanted was bibles. They could have asked for anything and they asked for Bibles. If that is not a testimony to what God is doing nothing is.

As always I ask that you pray over me while I am gone and my family. Terry is staying behind this trip to make sure my boys are ok. I will miss him a lot so pray for me.

Please pray for my safety and for my health as swine flu is everywhere in Nicaragua. I do not want to come home sick and have my Christmas break with the kids a horrible one.

I will write as I can and update you on my trip. Please put me on your daily prayer list. Pray takes care of everything.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped with this trip. I am going physically but you are coming with me through your donations and prayers.

God  Bless,