Smiles I'll Never Forget

We arrived at the orphanage yesterday to find the kids in disarray. Lately the girls have been very disobedient which is just not heard of around there.

It was so bad that I was in tears by the end of the night. I just could not believe my eyes or my ears.

The director and I had decided that the younger kids would receive their gifts today and ONLY if the older girls were better would they get there’s. I truly felt like it was just the devil trying to mess things up for me.

I just prayed over all the girls and expect a difference today and what a differen a day makes.

The girls were much much better today. They really were their old selfs again.

I gave the littlest girls their clothes and WOW what a show of love. They were so excited. I don't think I have seen such sweetness as I saw today. I so hope it comes out in the video. Once the kids put on their clothes they walked around like they were princesses. It was so so sweet. I can't wait to post the pictures.

Out of all the checking out of clothes, toys, coloring books, etc. I will remember that last minutes I had with the girls. I told that yesterday they were so bad that Ms. Angie didn't want to come back but today I was really proud at how much better they were acting.

The next words broke my heart.. "Ms. Angie, please forgive me for being ugly yesterday, please don't ever stop coming to see me". That came from one of the girls that got sent to bed at 6:30 because of her behavior. All the girls repeated what she said and hugged and kissed me over and over again. It was the most precious moment I've had at the orphanage.

Showing love to the loveless can move mountains, I watched it happen yesterday.

Until tomorrow,