P.U.S.H (Pray until something happens)

I have had limited access to the internet in the last two days and I'm hating it that I have not sent this out by now but God knows best.

At 8:30 your time on Thursday morning Terry and I will be sitting in the office of Mi Familia (DSS of Nicaragua) submitting out paperwork to be approved to adopt our girls.

This process will allow us to be voted on by the Consejo (Consayhoe) which is like a committee or council. We know already there are at least one problem with our paperwork and so I am just praying it's only one.

The lady we will be meeting with is Dr. Artola. She is a Christian which I am hoping helps me a lot.

My prayer request is that we make a good impression on Dr. Artola and Mi Familia and that our paperwork has been done correctly and is in order.

God's favor has been on us this entire trip and we expect it to be there the rest of the week.

Also, please pray for another mother named Heather who is here in Nicaragua waiting to take her children home. Her paperwork has gotten delayed several times and it appears that she could be here longer. She has been her 6 weeks already. If we all pray together for her we can move her court date to be soon than later. God hears our prayers and acts accordingly.

Even if you get this after we have met still pray... Pray that it doesn't lay on her desk for weeks and it doesn't get lost in the many piles she already has.

Thank you for praying....