Pray for my family

For those of you who know me close you know my middle son Logan was born very special and for those of you who don't know me very close let me explain. In my family there is a genetic eye disease that 8 boy family members have. The oldest is in his 70's and the youngest is my Logan. This disease has crippled the oldest people who have it. None of them today can hold down a job, drive, ever made it through school and live a very disabling life. All of them have gotten progressively worse over the years.

When Jordon was born we waited and waited to see if there were any symptoms and none came so you can imagine the relief we felt.  The 9 months I was pregnant with him I  prayed and prayed over him. It was truly a constant fear.

When Logan was born I almost had a since of relief that we had beat it and all would be ok. I will never forget on the first day he turned three weeks old I was playing with him in the floor and I looked down and out of know where there it was.... My heart sunk. His eyes were moving rapidly which is a part of the disease called Nystagmus. I knew immediately he had the disease. I was so angry at God. I was the only family member who believed in God and was faithful to Him, why, why would he let this happen to my child. Still today I ask that  questions sometimes.

Logan is such a blessing to this family. He is my sweet, lovable one and still lets me hug him. He struggles some days so bad but you would never know it. I was told early on to send him to the School for the Blind because he would never make it in the mainstream. I am here to tell you he has been a A/B student every grade since Kindergarten and with little extra provisions in his class room. God can do anything for Logan and we believe it is His will for Logan to be healed...

The week before I left for Nicaragua my cousin who lives in Virginia saw an ad in the newspaper and cut it out for me. The ad was for a special doctor in Virginia who was using telescopic type glasses to help people who had a specific eye disease. I immediately researched him on the internet and called his office to asked about my Logan.

During my research online I found another website where there were a great deal more of information on this type of lens and a "find a doctor near you" link. I put in my zip code and found a doctor in Wilmington that does the same thing. There are not many who specialize in this technology in the entire US.

To make a long story short, I spoke with the doctor in VA and he was not encouragement to me and no help at all. I went from total excitement to a total let down in 24 hours. I made an appointment to talk to the doctor in Wilmington the day before I left to Nicaragua. He called that morning and I explained Logan's disease and his limitations. He had an amazing bedside manor. He was such an encouragement to me.

Just the week before all this happen, Terry, Jordon and I were discussing how painful it was going to be to tell Logan he could never drive a car and most likely would have to be dependent on us to drive him around for the rest of his life. I remember that day Jordon and I both just sobbing. Logan had been asking Jordon about drivers education because he turns 14 this year and he is already thinking about it.

When I shared with the doctor our hurts about him not driving and that is why I wanted to call to see if these glasses would work for Logan he told me that based on our conversation even though he had not even see him yet he would bet that he was 95% sure that Logan would be able to drive a car with these lens. 95% sure and has not seen him. I told the doctor, DO NOT GET MY HOPES UP. You will break my heart if you are wrong.  He simply replied, I would never tell you something I am not sure of.

Needless to say I was in tears again. Just think, being able to drive means having his own jobs, having his own life, having freedom.

Before the doctor and I hung up he said to me that he was concerned about the diagnose of Logan. He said, he as several patients with the same disease and all of them are the same but what I was telling him about Logan did not add up. For one, people with this disease can't stand the sun. They have to wear dark glasses all the time outside. Logan REFUSES to wear sun glasses, even at the beach. He proceeded to say he feels Logan may have been misdiagnosed. MISDIAGNOSED.... what does that mean. Well that means a lot of things. That means many possibilities.

So on Tuesday we will be traveling to Wilmington and on Wednesday morning at 10:00 Logan will see this doctor. Please pray for us. This not only could change Logan's life but it could change the others in my family and all of them are lost and living horrible lives. They are all either alcoholics, pot heads, bums or have just give up on life.

I have not told Logan anything at this point other than we are going to see a specialist. I know he is different than the other family members and maybe he just has a different strain of the disease or maybe he does not have it at all, only God knows but I do not want to get his hopes up without evidence. I am excited that on Wednesday the doctor will put these glasses on him and ask him to go outside. I think that will be a huge event for him. Today Logan can not see but about 10 feet in front of him. Being able to see down the road will be a amazing thing.

Please pray for wisdom and knowledge for this doctor. Pray he will be different than all the rest and will investigate more what is truly going on with him.

If you have kids that know Logan please do not share this. It is best to keep this from him for now.

I am pleading with you to pray for my Logan. He is the sweatiest, most deserving young man you will ever meet. I know God has a perfect plan for Logan. I trust that HIS will is to be done, what ever that is I must be content with.

Just the fact that he will be able to drive is a huge victory already. He will be excited to know one day he can.

Thanks for your prayers and thanks for your support always.

Angie & Terry