Our Adoption Saga comes to an end on Thursday..

I have not said much lately because to be honest talking about all that is going does not help me much, instead it just brings me more pain.

On Thursday the 4th, (which just happens to be my Logan's 12th birthday) we are being told that my girls along with the other girls at the orphanage will all be given to their family members and they will leave the orphanage for good.

I have been told three of the girls are not ready to leave just yet but will follow soon after.

I can't even believe we have to come to this moment. One can say my roller coaster ride is about to stop.

We have great concern for the decisions that have been made by the government. There are a lot of unanswered questions that will always go through my mind.

The future of the House of Rose is at stake also. It appears they are going to make changes to how it is run if it is open at all. This brings great sadness to me because the highlight of my life is to go and see those beautiful children there.

I don't understand God's plan for my girls so Terry and I can do nothing but trust Him. We are not sure our relationship with them is over just yet.

Please pray for them. These are innocent children caught in the middle of a political action that is being carried out by individuals that don't know them and don't love them. The girls are going to be hurt the most. We need to pray for their protection now more than ever. All 15 of them.

Please pray for our heart to heal as broken is an understatement of how I feel and for peace and understanding of all this mess.

For now it might be a while until you hear back from me because I don't expect to be able to find out much about the girls once they leave.

I truly appreciate all your prayers through this trying time. Our family has gone through an amazing ride and in the end I know God's plan and His will is all that matters. I have said all along that I want his will for their lives and I do even if I don't' like the outcome.

I do believe this saga will end for now but God can change everything if He sees fit. So for now.... we wait.

God Bless all of you and thanks so much for allowing our family to be a part of yours.