One Major Project Down, many more to go...

I have been so busy lately I don't know if I was coming or going. Between working two jobs, getting ready for the yard sale, getting my house ready for out of town guests and not to mention my oldest son Jordon graduated from high school on Friday night and afterwards we had a celebration. If it was not for my friend Tammy Dixon the night would not have gone over so great. I owe you girl... Just name it, I'll do it for you.

Needless to say my life has been somewhat busy for the last couple of weeks. Praise God all for great things.

The yard sale went "ok". To be honest not a lot of people came and I ended up with more stuff in my garage than I started with thanks to donations from other people. I think I'm going to try it again in June sometime. We raised $300 which is badly needed for trophies and banquet stuff for my soccer tournament.

Anyone interested in joining me for another sale in June? The more we have the more people we attract.

I have been on the phone a lot with my team in Nicaragua and plans are being made for the tournament. They are so excited they can hardly stop talking about it long enough to get decisions made. I am as much excited about it knowing the joy they have already.

The garden project is going well. They have been transplanting bedding plants for the last week. The rain has started already and has been severe at times causing delays in getting things going. The training guy Evert tells me very week they are working hard. It's great progress. For years they have had nothing to work toward and now they are working on a garden everyday. What great fulfillment.

I now have a team of 6 headed to Nicaragua on July 23rd. I will be taking two of my sons this trip and I'm so excited to introduce missions to Logan. There is still time for people to go. The cost is going to run right at $1,000 unless airfare has gone up. The longer you wait the more the airfare will cost. If you have been thinking about going, this trip will be a great one to participate in.

Please pray for our team and for things going on in Nicaragua. I have already had great opposition and changes to our plans. The enemy does not want things to go well for us I can tell already. When I see issues this soon I know God has great things in store for us. Please cover us in prayer now and until we return.

I have 3 equipment drives going on now to collect gloves, balls and bats. If you can help I would be grateful. Ask your neighbors, your friends who have teens that play baseball if they have any gloves, balls or cleats they would like to donate. I need size 7 1/2 -10 adult size cleats and 11 1/2 and up size gloves.

I am still looking for great thing to give away at the banquet as door prizes.

I am also in need of one of those large sling shots. I want to shoot t-shirts to the crowds during the breaks in the soccer tournament. If you have one I can borrow I promise to bring it back.

I appreciate all the support for what I do. Lately the Lord has shown me how he has orchestrated my life thus far to put great people in it to help me accomplish His will for my life. You are in it for a much bigger reason than just being my friends..

God Bless Everyone..