Prayer for Oscar

My little Oscar has been in the hospital again for the past three weeks. He had a tube in his kidney to drain infection for several months and it got infected back in October. They removed it hoping he could do ok without it but that is not the case so they have put it back this month. The problem is because of the dirty environment he is in it does not take much to get it infected. Pray that does not happen.

Additionally, we were called last week telling us they are testing the mother for a kidney transplant match finally. I was so excited to hear the prison had finally allowed her to be test until I got another call stating the cost of the test were going to be $590.

Where is a woman who is in prison going to come up with kind of money? That is a normal Nicaraguan's 2 year salary.

I have prayed and prayed about how I am to help in this situation and God has said it's not for me to help this time. I have already spent 1,000's helping Oscar and thought but God I can't stop now but I'm clear what he has told me.

So instead I write to you to ask you to pray for my little Oscar. Pray God sends his family this money through what ever means is in His plans. I have given Oscar to the Lord, He loves him more than I do. I have to trust He is working this out.

If you feel led to help this family reach this goal I will pay to wire the money there. I know God has great plans for this little boy, He will have an amazing testimony of how he cheated death many many times.

Please add him to your prayer list at your church. He is in desperate need of an new kidney soon.


Lift my little Oscar up in prayer daily. It breaks my heart to know he is sick all the time. He loves life and loves his family but most importantly Loves the Power Rangers. :)


God Bless, Angie