On My Way...

I am sitting at the airport in Charlotte headed to Managua, Nicaragua. The last call I got from Carlos last night was not good. Oscar is in a deep coma now and the doctors have told the family it is just a matter of time. His brain is not functioning completely and his organs are not working correctly. They told the family to go ahead a prepare for his death and that only God can help him now.

Starting next Saturday our work schedule is very very busy and there is no way I would be able to minister to this family at all so my wonderful husband stepped his foot down and told me to go. I have issues with going now for many reasons but agree that if this happens next week I will look back and be mad I didn't take the opportunity when I had it.

I am still standing on the word of God for Oscar. I may not agree with what is going on with Oscar but I trust God and I trust that He loves Oscar more than we do and He has him in His hands.

Please pray for the family as I can not imagine the pain and the guilt they are going through. Remember they both were just in jail for over a year. They have missed most of his best times.

I am being called to board so I will go for now.

Pray for me as this is the hardest trip I have ever made to Nicaragua. More importantly pray for God's will in Oscar's life.

More to come.