Seeing Improvement

Good morning all from Managua, Nicaragua. I arrived yesterday with no hassles and no delays, Praise God because I could not have handled any aggravation coming here yesterday.

I am so blessed to have friends here that on a moments notice will stop what they are doing and help me. 

I went straight to the hospital from the airport and as I open the door to get out Ocsar's mom came running. She did not know I was even coming down so needless to say I was a nice surprise.

They have Oscar in ICU and will only allow 2-30 minute visits a day. One at 2:00 and one at 9:00. This is nuts.. You have to go all day and all night just to see him. I got there around 5:30 so we waited until the 9 to see what was going on.

Mom and dad insisted I go in since I had come such a long way. I argued very hard and lost. I did not want to offend them and of course I wanted to see him but did not want to take from their time. I wished I had not gone  in.

It was so hard to see my little boy laying there with tubes in his mouth and his eyes taped shut. What if he wakes up I asked? He can't open his eyes. I guess this is standard procedure for coma patients but it just didn't look right for me.

I talked to the nurse in charge of him and she told us that his problems are not from the kidney at all. The kidney is working perfectly as of now. Needless to say my mouth dropped open and I gave this woman the 3rd degree trying to find out what was going on.

Apparently something happen during the night on Friday and he had a seizure. This seizure caused his body functions to stop working and put him in the coma. For the past two days they have worked feverishly to get his body parts working as normal while they are draining fluid  from his lungs.

They are not sure what caused the seizure as far as the nurse knows. I will be leaving soon to go to the hospital and speak directly to the Doctor. Praise God they do not have the "Can't tell anyone about your condition" rule around here. I am hoping we can get to the bottom of what is going on because I think the lack of education is causing the parents to express things that don't make since.

I do know that last night the nurse got a test result back and his blood counts had dropped a considerable amount which is exactly what they wanted to happen. The nurse said she believed that the doctor said his sugar counts were way to high on Friday and now they have them under control. 

A lot of unanswered questions...

We are even unsure of the risk that he is in right now but hope to clear that up soon. 

Anytime a person is in a coma there is obviously something serious going on WHAT is the million dollar question.

I hope to find out a great deal more very soon today.

Additionally, the family is struggling with the hospital because the fund that is paying for the surgery and all the medicines  they have not received from the government and there are many tests that still need to be done and can't be done in the hospital Oscar is in. it is crazy here because this hospital can not even run a blood test. They are giving the blood to the dad each morning and he has to ride 3 buses and 2 taxis just to get to the hospital where the test needs to be done. Then he has to wait for it. If it is in the evening he has to spend the night outside until morning to get the test results. It is sad to see what they are going through just to be here with him. The hospital says they are going to pay them back for the money they have spent but they know it won't happen.

Pray this money comes to the hospital soon.

There are so many things that need praying for I don't know where to start. Just pray as God leads you and that will be fine. 

I want his perfect will and I of course want Oscar healthy. The family is drawing closer to God through this, mom and dad are wore out. They need a break. I am hoping I can give them some relief while I am here.

I will tell you more after my visit. I'm leaving now.