Never Ending Journey Part 11

As of early this morning I became the sole guardian of Francis Grace Honeycutt. How amazing is that. I was told to show up at the office of Mi Familia (DSS) at 8:00 and simply sign my name so I did of course and at 1:30 I finally signed that document.

This is a good example of how things are different here than in the US. A simple process that should take 5 minutes took 5 hours.

Please pray with me that what should take 3 months to complete this process will take less than 3 months and not a minute more than God's plan.

I have been her 6 weeks already and my time just started ticking off as of 1:30 today, that's so discouraging..

I was told today that Terry has to go before the Judge with us which means he has to return to Nicaragua at the end of this process. The problem with this is that the day he needs to be here is really hard to determine making it almost impossible to plan anything.

Please pray for us that some how it will be easy for us and he will be able to leave our kids, our business and our potential business for only a short period of time. Someone told me today it could be a month. That's is impossible. There is no way he can leave my kids for that long and no way he can stop working for that long. Please pray this is not true and it will be a short period with an expected date not a guessing game.

Please also continue to pray for our finances. The trip Terry just made was not planned, moving to another place and having to pay rent because I can't live with another Nicaraguan family was not planned. There are many expenses we are having to pay that was unforeseen and unplanned for and we know this adoption is of God and He has provision for us but right now we don't see it. We still need to raise more than $5,000. More than we would have ever imagined.

We have trusted God for 5 years to bring us to this point and we know He has a plan. We trust him and know that He will deliver, how I have no idea....

Please pray in agreement with us that our needs will be met and we won't have to take out a second mortgage to do so.

If you feel led to support this effort you can still send money to my church and receive a tax deduction. If that does not matter to you, you can send your check directly to Terry.

If God is not telling you to support this effort I would hope you will at least pray for us. Pray for our business to increase greatly so we will be able to meet these needs or pray others will sow into our lives.

To send a check to Harvest Church - include my name on the Subject Line.

7429 Tuckaseegee Road Charlotte, NC 28214

To Terry:

Terry Honeycutt 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC 28214

Thanks again for all the prayers. Feel free to send an encouraging word my way. It's gets really lonely here.

Until next time..