Never Ending Journey Part 10

Last week I saw a video of a small child who won the chance to shoot a puck into a small hole at a hockey game. The odds were 1 in a Million.. this young boy (I think he was 9 or 10) hit the puck and straight in it went.. It was a $50,000 prize. 1 in a Million odds and a 10 year old did it..

That's how I feel this week. I have just had a 1 in a Million odds experience. Let me explain more.

In 2004 I started working in the orphanage in Somotillo. There were 17 little girls there on average. Some came and went but must stayed there permanently. My bond with the kids grew as I stayed with them a great deal of time. I grew a great love for these girls and in 2007 we started this adoption process for the first two girls because of that strong bond.

During 2007 there were two little girls there that soon left. Nessie and Francis. Nessie left in December of 07 and Francis left in March of 2008.

In March I came and brought all the girls Easter clothes. That day happen to be the last day Francis was going to be at the orphanage because she was leaving to be adopted by a family.

I gave her clothes and we took pictures of her. She was 5 years old. I walked her to the gate that day, hugged her, cried with her and prayed over her and sent her on her way. I was angry that day because they didn't tell she was leaving for good and the other girls didn't know either so there were no goodbyes.

This past week the enemy did everything possible to stop us from adopting. We were told due to something I said the adoption was denied. Praise God that my attorney The Lord of Lords has the final words. The director allowed me to share why I said what I said and soon her attitude changed because she realized her employees were wrong and I was right and she immediately took us to meet our daughter. When you have God as your attorney you don't need any other help....

The day before when we were there and they told me my daughters name was Francis I didn't think anything about it but then they told me she had a sister named Nessie. I started thinking what would be the odd of me knowing this same child. Impossible I said. Impossible that of all the children in the country that needs to be adopted the same little girl I already knew and loved would be the one. Just impossible because she was already adopted.

They brought Francis in the room and sure enough she is my little Francis that I have already loved and known. I have tons of pictures of her when she was 5 and 6.  The crazy thing about this all is that Terry has been praying this entire time for us to adopt a child from the House of Rose. To us it was going to be impossible. For God, all things are Possible....

The DSS director had no idea Francis was ever at the House of Rose and had no way of knowing we knew her. She picked a child from the list but God chose this child for her because He had a plan for Francis in 2007 we just didn't know it.

Today is the second day with her and already there is a bond I can't explain. It is truly a God given connection. It is a 1 in a Million experience.

My new journey has just begun...After 4 long years and many many hours of prayer our time has arrived to bless a wonderful young lady.. We are so honored he chose us..

God is so good....I stand in awe that we have a child now that we already had..

More to come..

To see photos of Francis on our first day together go to this website.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us during this journey. It has only began so please don't stop praying for us. Living here for 3 more months will be hard. Today I took Terry to the airport and it's been a very sad moment for me. I'm lonely already..

For those asking what happen to Nessie, well she an Francis lived in that "home" for 3 years before the adoption was finished and when it was the family only took Nessie. They decided not to accept Francis and sent her back to DSS folks and they put her in the orphanage where she is now. She has been hurt so bad by this family. I stand amazed she is so willing to trust us. She has already asked if she can come and stay with me overnight. I should have her fulltime soon.

This is a true testimony to God's power and His grace and mercy.. We are going to name Francis, Francis Grace Honeycutt (assuming she accepts it).

Thanks again for joining me in our journey.

Angie & Terry