It's Hurricane Season at the Honeycutt House

Remember my statement "No Rain, No Rainbows". I should have known if I confessed out loud God's goodness the enemy would hear me and act on it.

I am not sure what you believe but I believe that the statement in Ephesians 6 is truly happening in my life.

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Each trip that I have gone to Nicaragua I have strong battles before I leave. As God has increased my ministry so have the battles increased.

The rain has come and gone each time. Some times its just shower after shower and other times the storms are so hard I can't see my nose in front of my face. Each time I have tried hard to pass the test and to be honest most times I have failed. I am learning each time that I must be stronger and stronger when the storms come because they are going to come.

The Lord reminds me of the story in the bible where the disciples were in the boat and Jesus was asleep. The stronger the storm came the more fear they had.  Some days lately I know how they felt. Other days I see where they should have spoken to the storm and told it to stop.

Did he not give us the same power as him? He told the disciples you will do the same as I did and you will have the same power I had through the name of Jesus.

If that is true, then why do we shake and tremble during the storms? I truly wished I knew why some days I am hard as a rock in my faith and other days I let the storms knock me right out of the boat.

I can truly say that I am excited about what God is going to do when I get to Nicaragua. Even in the midst of a very strong set of storms I can praise Him. I have never seen the devil work so hard as he is now.

Here are some examples of my storms. (I don't like to share personal things by the way, but if I don't share my tests, how will you understand my testimonies)

1. The soccer tournament is a week away. I have been collecting soccer uniforms for my 10 teams and as of yesterday I was 3 teams short. How could I take uniforms to only 7 teams. Which 7 would I chose from?  Sounds petty? Put yourselves in my shoes. Where in the world can I get 3 adult size sets of soccer uniforms with a week to go?

2. Remember those two boxes I shipped to Nicaragua? They were due to arrive last week and as of yesterday could not be found anywhere in Nicaragua. All my equipment for the tournament are in those boxes. As of 5pm this evening the boxes have been found but will not be delivered until the 27th, after the soccer tournament.

3. Remember a little over a month ago my son Jordon wrecked his car? Well it is totaled and we had to sell it for salvage for $150 and we had to take  a loan out to buy another car for him. We purchased a more expensive car for him than the one he had, got a loan payment for the first time in 15 or more years and as of yesterday this new car has had to be parked because something bad happen to it and now it is going to cost me over half of what it is worth to fix it. $3 - 4,000 possibly. Obviously, not going to happen considering we have had no income since June 13th.

4. The boy who translates for me in Nicaragua was blessed to purchase a car this year. He has worked very hard and saved for a very long time. He has been the one taking Oscar back and forth to the doctor's office to get the blood tests for me. Today he informed me that his car broke down on the side of the road and it took 4 hours until someone came to help him. He then had to push it out of the road and drive his friends car home. In the frustrating moments he didn't see a pole and backed into it and damaged the bumper of his car. He barely has the money to buy gas much less fix his car.

I could continue to tell you more storms but this email will go on and on so now I would rather share how I choose to see these storms.

1. I had received 3 sets of uniforms from a company when I first started this project in March. I emailed him and poured my heart out and just ask him if he could help to please consider doing so. Yesterday I got 3 sets of uniforms delivered to my house. Now all 10 teams will be receiving "new to them" uniforms...

2. Those boxes are GOD's equipment. He owns all of the stuff. He is in control of this tournament and if I am to have them there, THEY WILL be delivered on time. He blessed me with the tons of equipment for these boys so it's his problem now not mine.

3. The car is the property of God. I reminded him today, His car is broke and he needs to fix it. I choose not to worry about it. Some people have no cars.... We have at least 2. Who am I to complain?

4. After talking to Carlos about his car I reminded him that he is a new driver and dents are going to come. Don't worry about fixing something you might break it again. He agreed it would save him money if he did not worry about it.

5. Oscar is doing well and the doctors are preparing him for the next phase. His mom is getting the tests she needs. Go has blessed me so far with enough money to pay for the needs so far. I know more will come but we don't have an estimate right now. So with this miracle alone our faith should be encouraged.

As you can see the winds are blowing very hard in my life. We need your prayers and agreement with us as we continue to trust God. He has never let us down and he won't now. Yes things look very hard right now and yes we have no idea how we are going to fix the car or even pay for any part of fixing it. This is our down time and our income level has almost run out but still we stand strong and SPEAK to this Storm and command THEM to leave us alone.


Your constant prayers are so needed. As strong as I can be today, tomorrow I may be very very weak. Just ask some of my friends this week... but together we can hold each others arms up.

Is the SON shining at your house or do you have storms? I'm expecting a rainbow how about you?