I was challenged today, now I want to challenge you

Pastor Troy was preaching Good Today.... Each week I sit under him thinking God why did it take you so long to get me here. I can honestly say in my entire walk with the Lord I have never sit under a Pastor that keeps me thinking all the time about my walk with the Lord. It's great. If you're not challenged each week at your church, come and visit us because you need to be, it will make you grow stronger. Check them out online by clicking here Freedom House Church.

Ok enough about that.

Pastor Troy asked, "if you were taken to jail today would there be enough evidence to prove you guilty of being a Christian?", "Do people in your neighborhood know you are a Christian?", what about at your work or other places you spend your time?

I really stopped and thought about it. Sadly, there are a lot of "Christians" I know personally today that would not have much evidence to convict them and I wanted to examine myself and make sure I was not one of them.

I have friends who tell me they are Christians but they never go to church, they never participate in a church function or any religious function that I know of and I never hear them talking about the Lord unless I bring up the subject. Are they really a Christian? Can you ask God into your life and never live for him? I personally don't think so but who am I to judge.

I challenge you today to examine your life and ask yourself, "Am I a Christian?", "Is there enough evidence to convict me?" Will God show me my life and say, "Well done my good and faithful servant" or will He tell me "I made you to serve me and you choose to serve the world!"

In Christ,