I am connected to a MeetUp group for Nicaraguan adoptions and this week I have had the opportunity to encouarge several families who are going through ruff times with their adoptions. The more I encouraged them the more restless I got. Luckily, I was able to use my own advice to chill out.

My pastor said that when you are restless that you have doubt. I didn't agree with that statement at first. I kept thinking I don't doubt God that He is in control but I am not at peace either.

I had to really examine that statement and ask myself then what is it? If it's not doubt or a lack of faith then what is causing that restlessness in my life.

After talking to these families this week I have decided it is in fact doubt. Either I trust the Lord or I don't right? Easier said than done, especially when you can't control any part of the situation.

I encouarge each of you to stop and think about your situation. Are you restless? or are you at Peace? If you are restless, let me encouarge you that if you want to pass this test you will need to find that Peace in knowing that God loves you more than anyone and He is working on your behalf.

If you find yourself Restless like I do some days, stop, pray and listen. He'll give you direction and wisdom to get to that Peace level you need.

God Bless,