Adoption News

We are slowly but surely getting our paperwork finished. We hope to have everything finished and in our hands for delivery to Nicaragua at the end of this month.

What does that mean?

Our girls are still the legal custody of their parents even though they have not seen them since age 2 & 3. The DSS of Nicaragua, Mi Familia, has started the abandonment process to declare the girls abandoned so that we can adopt them. They are visting them on Monday to investigate this situation. That is good news. That means they are working on it and at the pace they go any activity is a good thing.

Once the girls are declared abandon Mi Familia has to accept our paperwork and file an adoption application for us. After all that is finished and many other things are done we should be told if and when we can have the girls.

I am not expecting them this year but if God wants them here, they will be.

Please continue to keep all of us in your prayers.

I'll update more as things happen.