Great News!!!!!

God is always doing great things in my life and this month is no exception. In September of last year I found out that I lost my tax exempt status because of some paperwork that was not done correctly. This was an honest mistake but it cost me dearly. I lost several big supporters because I could not give them a tax donation.

In December of last year after I raised the money to pay the fine ($850) I sent in the new paperwork to correct the issue. They told me it would take only 90 days. It's been 11 months.

Three weeks ago I called the IRS to find out a status on the situation and was told they had no idea how much longer it would take. I had heard of others contacting their congressmen for help so I contacted Congressman Pittenger's office and asked if they could get involved. They took all my information and I sent them all the paperwork again.

Today I got a letter and a phone call from their office to tell me that not only did they get the problem corrected but $750 of the $850 that I paid would be returned to me. I not have my tax exempt status back. (Well I haven't actually got the letter in my hand from the IRS yet but was told it has been mailed.)

Getting money back from the IRS is unheard of. They always find a way to keep it but NOT THIS TIME... It's God's money and it will be used for His kingdom not for the IRS.. :)

This is a huge relief and a huge answer to prayer.

I am extremely grateful to Congressman Pittenger's office for helping me. I would be waiting forever if he had not got involved.

Thanks to all of you who has prayed for me and for this situation. Our prayers have been answered even better than I asked for.

On another subject..

All the kids have been sponsored and I will be heading to Nicaragua on December 6th to see them and bless them with their school supplies and uniforms. I'm so excited to visit my family again.

If you sponsor a child and would like to send them a letter you or bless them with money for food you need to do so before the end of this month. November 30th is your deadline. Mark your calendar.

This is a huge opportunity to share the love of Christ with them. Please take time to write them a small note. If you want you can even email me the letter and I will translate it for you but it would be so much more personal if you did it.

The whole purpose for sending them to school is to teach them how to read so they can read the Word of God. I use this opportunity to show them Jesus.

Now you have that same opportunity. In the the past I have not had many sponsors send letters so I am asking from the bottom of my heart that this year every kid gets a letter of some kind. They look forward to it so much. It's like mail call on an Army base. It means so much for them.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and for your support.

God is so good and HE is always faithful.

Angie Honeycutt

ps. If you want to send some extra money for Christmas for your family or would like to support me so I can bless these people with food, you can send it to me at.

The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC 28214