Operation Education 2014 Deadline Approaches

October 15th is the deadline I set to have the kids sponsored by then but it soon approaches and I still have 31 kids that need a sponsor. I lost sponsors of over 25 kids this year which has made it a little hard for me to recoup but I trust God will send others to take their places.

Would you be willing to share this email with your friends? With your Bible Study group, Sunday School group?

It will be really hard for me to give out uniforms to 73 kids and not the others.

Please pray with me that doors will open and other people will help sponsor one of these wonderful kids.

For those of you who have chosen to sponsor this year please remember the money is due by October 15th. I will need to wire the money for the uniforms the next day.

It's only .10 cents a day... We waist that much..

Thanks in advance for sharing this information with your friends.