Foundation for Life Orphanage

For those of you who have been a part of this ministry for a long time you will remember this place and for the new ones let me introduce it to you. From 2004 until December 7th 2008 I was working at an orphanage called Hogar de Rose. The House of Rose in English. During this time I fell deep in love with on average about 17 little girls. Even my Francis came from this orphanage.

In December 2008 due to reasons that make no since the orphanage was closed and the current 17 girls were disbursed to many different places. This caused great devastation in my heart. I cried on and off for months. These girls had become my family and the thought of never seeing them again and not saying Goodbye tore my heart into pieces.

In the summer of 2009 I went to Nicaragua in hopes of finding some of these kids again. I contacted the DSS offices and begged for their help and was blessed to get information on where the children had gone. In the very city I was at an orphanage called Foundation for Life was holding 5 of the 17. 5 cousins. The other children were spread across many cities and placed back into the horrible homes they were removed from.

With permission I was given the opportunity to visit the kids in the new orphanage. I will never forget that day. I hide around the corner as I heard the director tell my 5 little friends someone was there to visit them. Immediately I heard them ask was it Angie. My heart was filled with great joy knowing I had impacted their lives so much that out of all the people they could have guessed was there to see them they choose me.  Within minutes I had my little girls in my arms and them telling me "I knew you would find us".

Since then the director of the orphanage has allowed me to be a part of their lives and the lives of the other children. Ironically the directors name is Angela and she speaks English which is a huge blessing for me.

Last night I spoke to her and for the first time heard a great heaviness in her voice. The orphanage is funded by a large organization out of Canada and apparently they are having financial struggles and have not met the orphanages budget needs for this past month. You can't just stop sending money to a home with 24 kids and 6 adults. That's not an option.

The orphanage grows a large part of their food and they sell bread to raise extra money and right now are doing ok but are concerned about the coming months. Please pray with me that I am able to connect them with organizations in Nicaragua that can help offset their monthly food budget. I will be working on that first thing on Monday.

The orphanage has some other needs that I feel led to share with you. I have lived by faith and the approach that if you don't ask you don't get. Who knows what other people may have laying around in their garages or may know someone that has the items needed. I don't but God does and He has a perfect plan for the Foundation of Life Orphanage.

Below is a list of items that the orphanage needs to purchase but are using their resources to ensure the children are feed instead. If you have these items new or used please let me know as soon as possible. I would like to get this stuff on the container in January.  I know these items are not typically things laying around your house but you just never know. Let's watch God's plan come together.

Items Needed:

1. A small freezer - around 7 to 10 cubit feet. They don't want a large one because of the cost of electricity to run it.

2. A commercial gas stove - similar to one that would be used in a church but a little bigger than one in a house.

3. A Rotary Push Mower - she needs several of these actually. They live on a big farm and can't afford the gas for a push mower.

4.Stainless Steel Pots and Pans - commercial size, heavy duty - like the ones used at a church, hospital or nursing home. When cooking for 30 people every meal I am sure the larger the better.

All of these items are extremely hard to get in Nicaragua and extremely expensive.

Please keep your eyes and ears open. Share this with others. You never know what business may be changing their equipment and would donate them or maybe a school is getting rid of old pots. Nothing would surprise me with God.

Please keep these kids and the directors in your prayers. None of the children can be adopted. This will be their home and family for the rest of their lives. Angela and her husband have given up everything to take care of these kids, they are wonderful Christian people.

These kids deserve to have a safe home, lots of love and food to eat. Pray for provision to come to this wonderful group of people. While I am in Nicaragua I will be blessing them with many items of clothing and some money for food and I am hoping with good news that someone will be helping them on a regular basis.

God Bless all of you and thanks in advance for your help,


Here's a picture of the my buddies.