Another Opportunity to Bless Others

This past month I had the privelege of going to Mexico on a mission trip with 17 others including my two younger sons. It was Jacob's first trip. I felt so proud to have him with me.. Now all my boys have been on a mission trip. Soon Francis will be old enough to go and then I will be able to say the entire Honeycutt's have fullfilled God's plan for our lives.

The Mexico trip made my 30th trip since 2004. I can hardly belive it has been 10 years already. In August I will go to Nicaragua again and it will be my 30th trip there. I feel so honored God choose me.  Going never gets old. Even today as I spoke with someone going on my trip I got goose bumps just thinking about our plans. My heart almost skips a beat when I think about going.

I can't describe the love I have for the people in my community. It's a love that only God can put into someone. It's his love and it's geniune.

Today I spoke to one of the mom's who as of this Friday will move into a new home that her child's sponsor built for her. She was so excited she couldn't hardly talk to me. She just kept saying how thankful she was to God and to this sponsor. No more rain she said. No more water on my things. No more animals in my house.

I can't image what her life has been like living under horrible conditions but I can imagine how she feels now. She has received a gift that was impossible in her eyes. She has received something that she could only dreamed of before now. What a great feeling that must be for her to see her prayers answered in a new house.

I think God wants to us feel that feeling every day. He wants to bless us in ways we can't even imagine. He wants to give us all the desires of our hearts. I think we stand in His way. We get so caught up in trying to make things happen ourselves that we don't take time to wait on him to bless us. What are your desires? What do you need from God? Try asking, believing and you will receive. His word promises it.

I will be leaving August 1st so if you want to send your sponsored child a letter I need it in my hands by July 27th.

These kids love getting letters from you. They get so excited listening for their name to be called. Please take time to send them a card/letter. It doesn't have to be some fancy $5 card from Walmart. It can be a note from you and it will bring a smile to their face that is bigger than you can imagine.

Thanks so much for your support to these kids. They pray for you  every day.

If you don't currently sponsor a child with me your chance is soon coming. I will be posting next school years pictures when I get back and you too can sponsor a child and change their life by sending them to school.

Remember July 27th is your deadline to send me a letter/card.

Here's a picture of the new house I told you about and the old house side by side. Notice it's nothing but plastic and sticks. That's the case on all four sides. Thanks Pam and Joe, you are the best...

As always. God Bless all of you.