Your Junk... Our Treasures...

Going on the mission field I have always considered a privilege and one that I know can one day come to an end but until that happens I am doing all I can to go and involve my family as much as possible. This summer my boys Logan and Jacob desire to go with me and help bless the people of Nicaragua. The will go 8 days with Ambassadors TO The Nations who I work for and then at the end go with me to Somoitllo for another 5 days.

Serving the Lord takes a lot of time, strength, endurance and mostly money of course. This trip will be a large expense for our family so we are working on as many avenues as we can to raise enough for them to go and would love for you to be a part of this.

If you have always wanted to go on a trip and never felt led to physically go. this is your chance. You can go in spirit with two teenage boys.

We are having a yard sale on June 1st and need LOTS of treasures to sale.

I will be happy to come and pick up your things from you but would appreciate it if you can drop it off to me if possible.

You can clean out your garage and your closets and we'll be happy to sell your stuff for you. The money will go toward helping the boys get to Nicaragua. If for any reason we don't raise enough we will use the money for blessing the families in Nicaragua.

If you don't live by me and would like to support this goal, your financial support is greatly needed also.

My son Logan has been to Nicaragua before but my son Jacob has never gone

For years he has said he didn't want to go but this year on his own he has asked to go. (He turns 14 in June) I truly believe that his heart sees what all we are doing and he too wants to be a part of this journey.

I will need your items by May 26th if I am picking them up. If you are dropping them off you can until Friday 31st.

If you would like to bless my boys with a financial gift you can send the check to:

Freedom Christian Center 4020 Freedom Drive Charlotte, NC  28208

Put on the subject line The Honeycutt Boys and email me and let me know you sent something in.

There is no deadline for sending in the money but know we need to book their tickets as soon as possible and we leave on August 1st.

My family are so blessed and so grateful we get to serve the Nicaragua and appreciate all the support we receive.

Thank you in advance for your prayers, financial support and any treasures you can send our way.

If you have any questions just hit reply and let me know.

God Bless,

Angie & Terry