What's Coming Up..

Can you believe it's Valentines Day already? Where did January go? It's a huge blur to me considering just trying to juggle life, teaching Francis English, teaching Francis Math in Spanish and other major life changes has consumed my every minute of every day for the entire month. I have been challenged more than I can ever say this past month and by the time February got here I was sick as a dog..

So I hope that you can forgive me for being out of touch and not getting some things done that needed to be done.

The first thing I need to do is to get the videos from Operation Education online for you to see. I was not able to get a video for each of you who sponsored a child. We are at 96 kids now that it just takes too long. I do however have a video from the Pastor, the Leader of the community and from all the kids for you to view. I will get that posted for your viewing very soon.

I also have some letters from different kids that will be mailed out soon. I am sorry that not all kids were willing to write letters. We are working on that and this year will see an improvement on that. It's so hard to get them strictly due to time.

This past trip I asked the parents what could I bring them from the US and I was very shocked at their answers. They all wanted a picture and a letter from their kids sponsors. They are very grateful for your help and want to make you a part of their family, therefore, I am asking each of you that sponsored a child this year to please send me a picture of your family (any picture will do) and a letter . I will need you to translate it into Spanish for them. You can do this online at www.translate.google.com. Here are some rules to follow:

1. Do not use words with apostrophes, ie. isn't, don't  or commas for the use of "and". Type them out completely even if its not proper English.

2. Use simple works as if you are writing to an elementary child.

3. Keep it brief and to the point. Do not elaborate on things. Stick to the topic.

4. If you are going to transpose the translation onto paper make sure it looks the EXACT same as you see it on Google.

5. After Google translates what you wrote, copy the translated text and translate it into English to see if it makes since. Google is not perfect but it is pretty good. Let me know if you need any help. I'll be happy to assist you if you can't get it done. You can even call me and I'll type it over the phone for you if I need to.

5. Do not make any promises to your child(ren) like, I will always sponsor you or I hope to come and see you one day, or Is there anything you need?. These are all questions that they take as commitments.

Here is an example of what you can write but feel free to say anything you desire.

Hi, I am so happy to be able to bless you so you can attend school. We have 4 children in our family. Jordon is 21 and works in a coffee shop. Logan is 15 and Jacob is 12 and Francis is 9. All of them are attending school. We live in Charlotte, North Carloina . It is very cold here right now which I am sure is very different that where you live. How is school going this year? What grade are you in? Do you like your classes? Do you like your teacher? Tell me more about your family and the things you like to do. How can we pray for you?  We will be praying that you and your family are blessed by God and that he provides all your needs each and every day. Looking forward to getting a letter from you soon. Love , Terry and Angie Honeycutt.

Short and sweet is all you need to do. It does not matter how long it is or how short it is just as long as they have something.

As of now I am planning to return to Nicaragua the week before Easter. The kids are out of school that week. I won't be in Ceibita long that week because my team and I will be ministering at a burn hospital in Managua for several days so I won't be soliciting letters for you during this trip. I will however be returning on August 5th with another team and will collect those letters for you at that time.

We will also be doing a Shoe project. Each of the parents are asking for two pairs of shoes a year because the kids are growing out of the shoes so fast. When we go in March we will be collecting shoe sizes and in August we will be distributing them. I am asking you to pray about supporting this project for your kids. The shoes will cost $12 a pair.

Thanks so much for being so patient with me while we are learning to be new parents, dealing with life changes and language barriers not to mention every day life.

Let me know if you have any questions.

The deadline for your letters is March 16th.

God Bless,


Address to send the letters:

The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC 28214