Things going on...

Just wanted to update you on different things that are going on. I need you prayer warriors to add things to your lists. 1. This week I had the privledge to travel to Darlington SC and speak at Mechancisville Baptist Church. My purpose to go there was to thank them for all the help they have given me since February this year. One family in this church who owns a huge farm in Darlington has sewed into my life in a mighty way and I personally wanted to thank him. The Pastor of that church, Pastor Frankie Tanner was my divine appointment God had for me back on my trip in February. While I was there I was blessed again with enough money to do some incredible things in Nicaragua. Please pray with me that I will hear from God directly on how to use that money specificially. There ae so many projects it can go to so I want to make sure I put it to the right one.

2. Oscar's mom Francisca called to let me know again that she is FREE. I still can't believe it is really happening. This is a miracle and unheard of in Nic. Please pray for her mental state as this week is Oscar's birthday and her mother (who is the bread winner of the family) has been very sick lately.

3. I still need 3 sponsors for the kids in Ceibieta. If you wanted to sponsor and have not done so please email and let me know so I can mark the kids sponsored. You can check the last 3 kids by clicking here.

4. I am going back to Nicaragua in December, however, my normal translator has been blessed to take a full time job and can not help me this week. I really want a girl to translate for me and finding one is hard. Pray God will point me in the right direction to find a true reliable person I can trust and is responsible and knowledgeable about "life and the ways of Nicaraguans." This is very important. I'm trusting this person with everything, my life, my money, my connections, my communication. This person must be a godly woman who is a Type A personality. That is hard to find in Nic. Pray I find that person soon. I need to book my ticket and I don't feel I can until I have that arranged.

5. Keep your eyes open for SALES.. I need to purchase things for the school in Coffradia. Educational type things. Picture puzzles, small people, animals, colored items, basically small things that teachers can use to teach in centers. Things easily packed. I was blessed by another person at MBC with money to buy some and the Dollar Tree is a great place but sometimes the Dollar Store, Dollar General places has them at even a better price. Keep your eyes posted and if Homeschool parents have any your children have grown out of, HOOK ME UP....

6. School supplies for the Sponsored Kids - I am still looking for pencil sharpeners, pencils, colored pencils and markers. Thanks Lisa and Tammy for the supplies  you brought by. Let me know if you have picked up any of these supplies. I will need them in the next week. If you find these items on sale also let me know. I would like to give each child a few pencils each to help since those will go fast.

7. Spanish Bibles - the families in Ceibeta want Bibles. They are learning about the Word of God since they accepted the Lord and want to learn more. If you would like to purchase a Spanish Bible for a family I would be honored to present it to them in your name. I think it will cost me about $5 per family in Managua. I can buy them here for less but they way to much for me to take so I will buy them there. Let me know if this is something you feel led to participate in.

As you see I have a lot going on. I have been blessed this past to week to start working from home at night instead of going to work every day. This has been a huge time saver for me. I have so many projects going on in Nic now that I need to oversee and having my days back are a huge huge blessing.

Please continue to pray for direction, wisdom, open doors and favor in my life. During my visit to SC I met with 8 local pastors. Pray they too will want to work with me on the garden projects.

May God Bless you....

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