The Prayers of a Righteous Mother/Father Availith Much

I love that scripture...It promises us that what ever we pray it will AVAIL...

The dictionary says Avail means to PROFIT.. Amen to that..

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers about my girls.

I got word later today that the study was finished (it should have taken 2 days not 1) and the lady from Mi Familia stated that she saw no reason why the girls can not be declared abandon now.

NOW... what does that I mean... I have been going crazy all day hoping to get to talk to the director of the orphanage to find out more deals but have not been able to reach her. She was only able to call my translator for 13 whole secs and let me know.

This is a huge step in the adoption process. I wished I could but into words what this means but there are no words to describe it. Once the girls are officially declared abandon (we need a judge to sign off on it) the rest is not so hard.

Prayer is so important, just look what happen.. Now continue to pray that now the reports will quickly go to the judge and the judge just can't do anything else put read it and sign it.

Thanks again for all your prayers and remember you have the same POWER Jesus had.. Speak to your situation and CHANGE it..

What a great Valentines Day...